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Mean Harri 12-15-2009 09:57 PM

New set up plans
Hi folks. For the past few days I have been re-familiarizing myself with all of this nutty <cough>:-D I mean aquarium info. I thought I would run down my plans for ya'll and see what you guys and gals think. I am an exhausting researcher. I read and read and research for hours and exhaust all avenues. It's a sickness. what can I say? hehe

The first thing I want to talk about is the tank. I've only ever had glass. 40g breeder to be exact. I am thinking I may want a bow front. I like the depth it offers. Either a 36 or 46g bow is where I'm leaning. I really like the look and the depth it offers. I'm also considering a 40g breeder again or a 50g as they are 18" deep.

I am having a hard time committing to a glass bow front tbh. To me, an acrylic tank would seem much stronger for this application. Can you sell me on a glass bow front? I need convinced on a glass bow front. I see it as a weak point for future leaking. Mainly because the glass sides, front, bottom are all separate pieces sealed with silicon. Acrylic is ultimately bonded to make one piece, so to speak. Seamless would be the word... Glass rectangle tanks I don't have a problem with so much as they are all straight and uniform pieces. But the bow? Well, it's already bowed out and I would think that is what the natural physical force of adding water to an aquarium wants to do to the glass anyhow, to push it out.

The rest is easy:
Eco complete planted aquarium substrate (most likely red)
Rena Filstar canister filter. If not that, Eheim
T5 lighting
Live plants

This will be more of a community tank. Tetras, neons, etc...
Right from the start I am going full tilt. No buy cheap/used stuff and build up to it. I don't mean waste money either. I mean I work hard and have it to start the project with quality stuff from the get go.

So sell me or talk me out of a bow front glass. Discuss/question/comments...

Thanks ~ MH

Angel079 12-15-2009 10:23 PM

My advise: Start big strait's the upgrade and adding more tanks to the house later on ;-)

You'd not have to worry about the glass bow front, that stuff is so strong unless YOU mess with it, it's gonna live for a VERY long time. Don't worry there!
Just go by what you like for looks and $ I guess..but I always love glass more then acrylic.

I'd go with the Eheim, lasts forever (good quality) and then some and you'll ALWAYS get replacement parts if you break them :-)

Bottom line: Get a nice glass bow if you pls can, plant that nice & thick, start stocking and then PLS post some pictures :-D

MoneyMitch 12-15-2009 11:15 PM

glass is much better quality, clarity wise and those tanks are made to hold water most manufacturers stand behind the tanks with warranty. i remember someone on here had a like 75 rectangle or something that broke in their apt. long story short all-glass payed for everything the fish loww damages and a new tank/stand with the shipping.

as far as the high output lighting your looing at and the combo of that substrate and the willingness to go all the way you might as well get a pressurized c02 injection and your definately going to need ferts. other than that welcome to the forum and happy researching.

P.S look up the estimative index by tom barr great info for the direction your headin and i can give you a great site to log onto but cannont publicly display it due to rules here so shoot me a pm if interested.

Hawkian 12-16-2009 02:57 PM

Hey there Mean one!

I guess this is going to be vote #3 for glass. I'll start by saying that I share your research addiction ;-). I went through the same questions before I purchased my tank and was weighing the pros and cons of acrylic vs. glass. I went for glass for one main reason: it's far more scratch resistant than acrylic will ever be. With a 3 yr old boy in the house... that sold me instantly! I came across this article while looking it up so I'm passing it along for you to add to your research! (Acrylic or Glass?: The dilemma of aquarium materials |

Also, just a quick Google search on glass bow front brought me to the Oceanic Systems website who make glass bow front tanks. They all come with a lifetime warranty so Mitch had a good point.

Welcome to the forum! :-)

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