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Alyssabubbles 01-25-2014 02:49 PM

Loss of a cory cat :(
Two days ago, I bought 4 cory cats and a snail to live with my betta in a 10g. Today, I found one of them dead. I'm guessing this is a survival of the fittest situation. Should I get another cat? Or will they be fine with three?

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Sylverclaws 01-25-2014 05:20 PM

It could have been sick when you purchased it, that happens a lot unfortunately. It's also highly likely adding them all like that caused a spike in the water parameters.

As for buying more more? No. You should return them all to the store. Cories don't do well in ten gallon tanks, even the pygmies prefer twenty+ gallons, though can handle 15 gallons it's certainly not preferable to the fish, and in a ten it's just asking for trouble.

And also, they eat very little algae, so if that's what you got them got the wrong kind of bottom-feeder. They're catfish, and like a variety in their diet of veggies and meaty foods. You're best off with a few nerite snails in there with your betta. =) They also require sand substrate, and a larger group. So eventually something probably would have gotten to them. Ramshorn snails are good too(I like my new pink ones!) but they can breed like rats and don't need a mate to do it. Nerites need brackish water for eggs to hatch, so no worries about over-population with them...but ramshorns, and trumpets(who have the same breeding issue as ramshorns) are really the best at keeping algae down. All the same, I would suggest ramshorns, just find a color you like, you can order them online. And sell them if they breed.

They're just so darn cute though, aren't they? I had some in a ten gallon with a betta for a little while before I knew better, I had so many problems because of it(murky water, spikes in ammonia and issues with my betta...they just weren't happy). And if you don't use sand substrate, their barbels(the whiskers on their faces) eventually get damaged and rot off, this will end the fishes life if they lose them all. Once I get sand in my larger tanks, I'll be getting cories again I think. They're nice little fish with a fun personality, but you have to keep them right or they get depressed and die, or sick easily.

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