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brettxw 12-13-2009 05:32 PM

why is my frogs skin bleeding
Are their skins sensitive? He is bleeding on the tip above his mouth and it looks like he lost some skin there.

brettxw 12-13-2009 07:11 PM

ok this will sound stupid...Do they shed skin?

I moved the fake plants from the corner the frog was in and possibly scraping him..moved them to the other side of the tank and he is now on the other side of the tank with the fake plants and has a little more skin hanging off of him. No blood, no visible cuts. So I am hoping they shed or something as they grow..

brettxw 12-13-2009 07:13 PM

Oh found this info :

Do frogs shed? Yes!!! Don't confuse the natural process of growth with skin disease! I went to Poland for six weeks in the early summer and left my frogs in the care of a frogsitter, who, considerably nervous about undertaking the enormous responsibility of taking watch of my dearest, fell into an absolute panic when the African Dwarf Frogs started to shed their skin! While the African dwarf frogs skin just comes off every now and then, other species of frogs that don't swim underwater all their lives can look downright alarming when they shed! When my firebellied toad was shedding, he got into this really weird scrunched up or crouching position, and started looking like he was bloating up (either that or having some sort of coughing or epileptic fit) and then he started to look like he was coughing! Shortly, though, I realized that he was stretching himself so that the old skin would come off. He then started to eat the skin as it was coming off! (ick) But this appears to be a natural occurrence, and shedding seems to be connected with both weather and don't panic if your frog starts to shed its skin! Besides, afterwards, the frogs always look really clean and pretty with their new skin!

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