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Thomas214 12-12-2009 05:45 PM

My betta isnt doing well
My betta (tucker) is slowing down. He is still eating fine. but he isnt swimming as much as he used to. I thought is might be because of the uneven temperatures in the tank because my dad keeps my house at 62 F so the half of the tank that my heater wasnt was 3 F coller then the other half so I bought another heater to go on the otherside of the tank and the temperatures are perfectly even throught the tank and after that he starting becoming more active but he still isnt swimming like he used to. My Zebra danios are doing better then ever. And i have a very healthy oto catfish. What is wrong? Is it just him getting used to the tank so there isnt anything to explore or is there something wrong?

La Reina 12-12-2009 06:11 PM

What are your water parameters? If your water is off, your fish will be too.

What temperature is your tank at?

Thomas214 12-12-2009 06:23 PM

My temperature is at 78 F
All my readings came out the same as always. I have noticed now that the water temp is stable and even. And he is back to normal and slitly more active. I installed the extra heater about an hour and a half ago.

La Reina 12-12-2009 08:11 PM

And what, pray tell, are your readings? :) NH3, NO3, NO2 etc...

If you don't have a test kit, I strongly reccomend the API liquid ones.

Thomas214 12-13-2009 04:13 PM

Nitrites: 0ppm
PH: 7.2
KH: 50ppm

And i was thinking about getting a real plant. Can/should I get one? What type?

Angel079 12-13-2009 04:34 PM

You shouldn't have no Nitrate in a cycled much water do you change how often?

This could well stress a already weakened Betta

Merry Michael 12-13-2009 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by Thomas214 (Post 289039)
Nitrites: 0ppm
PH: 7.2
KH: 50ppm

Hi Thomas214! Is this Betta new to you..or to the tank? Sounds like you just got him,but I may be wrong!:shock: Anyway,those poor store-bought Bettas just sit in those tiny little water-cups...this stresses them out to no-end! Also,by the time they've arrived at the store,they may be anywhere from a year to two years old! Let me're pH level is a bit high for Bettas,they seem to really like it neutral (pH 7),the temp is fine as long as it is stable at that 79'F! The dH (water hardness),Bettas like it,less than 25.nitrites and nitrates should be at 0(or as close to that as possible!). The best way to keep the water "livable" for your Betta (or all your fish,for that matter),is to do weekly,or more often,water changes! At least a quarter tank change each time! Remember...when in doubt,change the water!
Ya know, if everything in your tank is stable,just give the little guy a few days to assimilate his new situation...He'll have thought that he's in Fishie Heaven!!:-PGood luck!

Thomas214 12-13-2009 04:40 PM

I am due to make a 25% water change tonight. I do 25% water changes every sunday.

Angel079 12-13-2009 04:44 PM

Given your reading, do a lil more - And you do use water conditioner right?

Thomas214 12-13-2009 04:51 PM

I use water conditioner and let my water sit out for 4 days before allowing it to enter my tank. I also gravel vac every time i do a water change.

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