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hulu 12-12-2009 10:32 AM

First death in tank
Hello all,

I just lost my first fish-- a zebra danio, and I'm pretty upset about it :[
I think it happened some time last night. I was counting up all my danios but I only counted 3-- one was missing.Thought it was hiding up again so I dismissed it and went to bed.
This morning while I was feeding my fish, I found it lodged my in powerhead, and I was so disturbed when I had to pull it out D:
I don't really understand how it could have gotten stuck in there when the suction is relatively low (it got stuck in the flow adjuster and there's some water suction there).

The danio never seemed to be social. It was often chased around by the other ones and hid in its own little corner... and never seemed to be fed very well, it always looks minuscule compared to the others after a feeding. Not sure if there was something wrong with it. Perhaps keeping a group of fish at odd numbers is a good piece of advice.

Oh well, r.i.p. danio :[

Kudomeya 12-12-2009 02:33 PM

I lost my first fish today, and I'm still crying. ;( It's disturbing to pull them out of a filter, or use a net to fish them up.


Angel079 12-13-2009 04:13 PM

Sounds to me, like the fish wasn't real healthy all along, nothing you could have done there, sorry to hear about your loss.

stephanieleah 12-13-2009 04:19 PM

sorry to both of you...i hate losing fish. i lost a leopard danio last week that was already sick and it's behavior was very similar to what you are describing. sometimes sick fish will lose their appetite and not be very social (probably nature's way of protecting the other fish). i was actually relieved that mine had died before passing the illness to the other fish...i knew it was sick and as i could not diagnose what was wrong i left it in the tank, untreated. i hope it wasn't too late and the illness doesn't affect any others. anyway, rip little guys.

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