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milindsaraswala 01-21-2014 01:03 AM

18 Gallon fresh water fish-less cycling question
I have setup 18 gallon fresh water tank with heater, submersible water filter which is built in with air pump and small stone as gravel

I fill the water tank and crank up my heater to 86 F / 30 C and I put some ammonia. Next day my friend check the water parameter and ignorantly he added more ammonia but I was not knowing that. After 3 days when I check water for ammonia, I found that ammonia was more than 4 ppm, so I thought that may be because my API Master Test kit is 4 yrs old and expire so it is giving wrong result. So I bought new kit and result was same. So when I discuss this to my friend, I understand what is the issue. So I did 60-70% PWC and make ammonia between 3-4 ppm also added seachem prime to it. It was the 7th day.

Now after PWC it is 12th day but still I could not find any sign of ammonia reduction, It is still at the same level.

So should I wait for some more days or should I do more PWC again.

rsskylight04 01-21-2014 01:35 AM

Time and patience are all you need now. Sounds like you know what your doing. Don't add anymore prime though. I'll follow this thread if you have any questions.
Good luck!

milindsaraswala 01-21-2014 01:40 AM

Thanks very much to follow my thread. But if you don't mind, Kindly can you tell me how much more day should I wait.

rsskylight04 01-21-2014 01:55 AM

Depends on lots of things like water quaality from our tap, water circulation, heat, and chance. Usualy a total of 2-4 weeks for a full cycle. First ammonia is converted into nitrite(1-2 weeks) then nitrite is converted to nitrAte ( another1 -2 weeks) . The process is slow, but the results are longlasting and worth the wait.
No more water changes are neccessary till nitrate begins to accumulate.
High oxygen levels speed up the process, so an extra filter or airstone or powerhead is good to use if you have one. Also, keep that heat cranked to 86F. If you know someone who has an established tank, get some gravel or rocks from their tank and add it to yours. If you can get a used filter pad or filter material that's even better to start your cycle.
Best of luck to you and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!

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