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dominicanpapi82 02-15-2007 09:53 PM

Can guppies by scavengers or ultra-agressive?
I have a 29 gallon aquarium that had 7 neons, 3 otos, 7 full grown guppies, and maybe double that of guppy fry, as well as 3 mystery snails. My neons kept dying on me, and I kept getting new ones with that 1 week guarantee the petstore offers. I thought it might be a water quality issue, since I am also having a snail problem (

So I set up my old 10 gallon tank, cycled it, and put my remaining neons (only two :() in it. They were fine for a week. Then I added three of my uglier guppies. This was three days ago.

I checked on the fish this morning, like I do every day, and they were all fine. I checked them out when I got home and found one of my neons dead and gutted on the bottom of the tank. I remember finding some of my older neons that way too.

I've never known of guppies being scavenging OR agressive. Are either of these common guppy traits? Or do I have super psycho guppies in my tank?

Lupin 02-15-2007 10:55 PM

Fish do eat the carcass of their dead tankmates. There's nothing to worry about it unless the dead fish has been carrying symptoms of diseases for quite awhile(when it was alive). I would remove the bodies as soon as possible or you risk getting the ammonia to spike.

What are your water parameters? If the tank has cycled, your neons should live long enough. However, there are times they die without known causes. Most probable is poor breeding quality brought by mass production in the industry. IMO, I'd shop elsewhere rather than buy more neons. Buying more simply is not a good solution. Apart from doing the harm to the fish, you are also harming the rest of your fish because each time you buy new neons, you risk introducing various diseases.

Pls find a different source instead or rather stick to cardinal tetras.:)

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