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rsheets 12-08-2009 05:59 PM

Any keepers of endlers livebearers?
I just got my shipment today. Got 4 endlers live bearers with it among other things. Is there anyone who has kept these? Wow, they are so amall! These fish are very pretty though, I'm glad I bought some. I had never heard of them before. They are way more pretty and colorful than the pictures that I have seen. Just looking for some tips on how to care for them. I'll get some pics up when I can.

Angel079 12-08-2009 06:26 PM

Oh I loveeee endler's had them yrs ago, they're beautiful, too bad my new water here doesn't support housing them any more.
They like heavy planted tank with some floating plants on the top, they don't fancy heavy filtration too much.
You say they're so small, they will grow to about 1-1.5" so you may have baby's there.
For the tank they're in they like Temp 75-85, pH 7-85, hardness 15-25 (thou I read several articles that suggested even harder water then that, up to 35) and they like to be with other small & peaceful fish.

what else could I tell you??

kelly528 12-08-2009 06:26 PM

Awesome fish. Basically their care is identical to that of a guppy, with one minor detail: unlike guppies they do not eat their young (perhaps one tiny fry occasionally but on the whole no) so when they multiply, their really multiply! You can have quite a stable colony of them in a 20g tank provided you skim off the mature guys and sell them. They will also readily hybridize wth guppies.

Also they are tiny as you have noticed so anything larger than a betta could snakc n them. I have seen bettas and dwarf gouramis go for them.

rsheets 12-08-2009 11:23 PM

Thanks guys. Looking foward to keeping these little guys. I hope my other fish don't eat them. They didn't have any females but they are trying to mate with the other female guppys already. My water is soft, so I hope that'll be ok.

eileen 12-09-2009 01:16 AM

I have had Black Bar endlers, Tiger/hybrid endlers and I love the way they look. I keep mine in a ph of 7.8 and the water temp. is at 72. If you want more male fry born by the pregnate females lower your water temp. to 68-70 for some reason the lower temps produce more male fry then female fry. This lower temp. will slow the growth rate but the longevity of the fish will increase. Higher water temps. will make the fry grow faster but the life span will be cut short.

Feed the baby endlers crushed flake food crushed to a fine powder. I have this is a small container with a toothpick and dip the toothpick in the water and then in the powder and into the water again. I feed them twice a day as overfeeding will increase the baby fry growth but will foal the water quickly. Do water changes every week and test the water being careful not to suck up the fish when you do water changes.

I keep mine with Red Cherry shrimp, tiger shrimp and 1 bushy nosed pleco as my little algae clean up fish. Just remember to cover your intake filter with a mesh or pantyhose or even a old fish net. I secure this with tie wraps. This will prevent baby fish from getting sucked up in the intake filter and the baby dwarf shrimps will not get sucked up also. Get some floating plants fake or real. I like Hornwort and even java moss is good to hide baby fry. Plants at all levels.

Some female endlers will eat their young. I just let the female have them in the main tank as putting them in a breeder box or small net stress them out. If you want to fish some of the babies out you can keep them in a little 2.5 gal- 5 gal. tank to grow in if you like. When they get big enough not to fit in the adult endlers mouth you can put them in the main tank.The ratio is 2 females to 1 male. The males will harass the females non-stop trying to breed and stresses out the females.

I have 2 tanks. One for only males and One for females only. I keep a few females after breeding to keep the stock going and rehome the rest as the females are a drab color and not as showy as the males unlike platies or swordtails, mollies where both sexes are colorful. Good luck and I wish you luck and finding your excess babies new homes as they are the million fish and reproduce very fast each month. My friend rehomes the excess females she has on Craigslist for free as she only likes to keep males and a few females in their own tanks like me. Females can reproduce after 1 mating for up to 6 months. That's why most female livebearers at the petstores are already pregnate. You can introduce a few new ones from different stock to curb to much inbreeding over time and keep your endlers healthy and strong.

I noticed in your post that you metioned that your endlers males were trying to breed with your guppies. If you want to keep the endler strain pure do not mix with guppies or you will get a Hybrid out of the mating. Part Guppy/ part endler but those can be quite pretty as the TigerHybrid that I have.

Your Silver dollars and angelfish will eat the endler babies being born. excess babies can become food if you get to many of them. If you have enough cover for them some of the fry will survive among some of your bigger fish or you can fish them out and raise the babies in a smaller tank.

rsheets 12-09-2009 10:19 PM

Thanks Eileen, They didn't have any females available but I'm not into the "breeding" thing really, just would be neet to have it happen and actually have some live.

eileen 12-10-2009 10:44 AM

It might be a good thing that they did not have any females as they reproduce so fast that you would have a hard time rehoming the fry and they would over populate your tank. I have only males now. I rehomed all my females. I decided that housing both sexes can get out of hand if you do not have larger fish to eat the fry like an angelfish. I have 5 Blackbar endler males in a small 3 gal. tank, 7 Tiger/Hybrid endler males in a 6 gal. The females of the endlers are a drab tanish color and are not nice looking at all. You would have to keep more females then males so having all males in your tank makes your tank more showy. If you have bigger fish in your tank the endlers might get eaten. I keep mine with peacful fish. I also have a friend that is overloaded with them and gives them away because of males and females together. I can't beleive that some aquairum shops sell them as food for other fish as they are really pretty. Their lifespan is only a couple of years but you can get them on Aquabid all the time and for a good price. The only problem with that is that they send you both sexes or a pair or trio. I guess you could ask the seller if they would only send males.

rsheets 12-10-2009 11:11 PM

Well, I do have fish that will eat the fry. As a matter of fact I just had someone have some fry today. I came home and saw about 4 of them swimming at the top under some fake floating plants. I was able to recover about 6 of them so far. I think I found the source and put her in the hatchery, we'll see. But the angels and black neons were trying to get them. There were still 2 in the tank that were under deep cover so I couldn't get those. I guess I'll see if they'll make it. I also have dwarf gouramis and silver dollars, but I don't know if the Sd's will eat them because I saw a baby swim right in front of a SD and he didn't even care. Could be because the SD's are stil stressed from the move. Just got them Tue.
The little newborns are already eating. Amazing!

Angel079 12-11-2009 05:06 PM

Well they have so many baby's so just letting them go in the tank and let nature do its way will be OK too. Some will survive and grow and others won't, and that's fine that way, otherwise you have a totally way overstocked tank in less then 1 year.

When I had the very first fry many many yrs ago - I was all set on saving them all and raising them - Then when I realized just how many I'm getting ALL the time....I gave up and let nature do its thing and it worked great :-)

rsheets 12-11-2009 10:26 PM

Yea, that's what I wanted to do, but I just couldn't help myself!
I have lost 2 endlers in the overflow. I only have one more. How can you keep the little things out of the filter? How long does it take before you can let them into the big tank without getting eaten?

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