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shane3fan 12-08-2009 08:59 AM

pH question
Is there any hope of me being able to keep the following fish alive in a 30 gallon tank with my water parameters of 78* , 7.6pH--I am unsure of calcium content or 'hardness' of the water. I plan to get a test kit soon.

The fish I am interested in are :

Pelvicachromis pulcher ( kribensis ) x 2 female if compatible--still doing research ( 2 females to avoid a tank full of fry as I have read that a pair will fill up a tank with babies--maybe not in my pH though )
Axelrodia riesei ( Ruby tetra ) x 15
Corydoras Sterbai x6
Nerite snails x 4

Tank will be planted with plenty of filtration.

This tank is not setup yet, but I think this is the way I am headed. The other option would be 2 x German Blue Ram--but I think the water would not be suitable for this fish either.

Im hopeful someone will tell me they have been successful with these fish in this pH--but if not I will continue looking for compatible fish that I like.

Angel079 12-08-2009 10:42 AM

For the Kribensis the tank size for a harem would be ok. pH is more on the upper range for their needs what you have there. I'd test the hardness, they don't like much past 12 degrees hardness. Same apply's to the selected Cory.

The Tetra's would appreciate a lower pH and a hardness not past 8 degrees.

Can't help you with the snail, don't house them, thou I can tell you they will do better with harder water (~10-12)

So what I'd do is get the kit, test your tap water, if the tank is already cycling, test that water too (hardness and pH are influenced by a number of matters and generally vary from the source water) then you'll know how well or not they'll do in you rtank.

shane3fan 12-08-2009 01:16 PM

Thanks for the reply. I should have included in my post that I was aware that the water parameters were not ideal for these fish. It is not my desire to have unhappy fishes, but if there has been anyone with successful experiences with these species in this type of water I would like to hear from them.

Picking fish that I like is the easy part. Finding some that I like and can keep is a completely different deal unfortunately.

Angel079 12-08-2009 06:34 PM

Like I said, I'd not see too much problem there with the Kribensis & Cory, pending you check your hardness (eg. to not have a hardness of 30 degrees lol)
The Tetra's I'd really not suggest, while they will survive with you for a while, they won't thrive in this water and not really be healthy and so with also not look too good to your eyes :-)

There's million fish out there to choose from, and I'm sure we could find something that you like and works better then the Tetra's. What are you looking for, colorful? Large? Small? Schools? Couples? What do you pref?

shane3fan 12-08-2009 07:11 PM

Healthy hassle free aquarium is what I am mainly after.

Secondary to that is going to be the following ;

Cant eat my plants or destroy the substrate.
I dont want to have to raise live food for my fish.
I would like to have a couple of "centerpiece" style fish, some Corydoras and a medium sized school of smaller "dither" fish.
I dont want the fish to be real skiddish and hide all the time. I like the fact that my Rainbow Shark and my Betta come to the glass to greet me.
I dont want to pay a fortune for the fishes.

Angel079 12-08-2009 08:07 PM

Ok, test your water with a liquid set (Ph AND KH)! Cause if you want 'hassle' free healthy fish I'm not going toss recommendations out there not knowing your hardness, anything else would be foolish to do.
Come back with a list of fish that's already in your tank.
And then I'll rattle my brains with ya what all will work along side the Kribensis & Cory - Alright!?

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