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bearwithfish 12-07-2009 02:27 PM

guppy fry...
i think i am on the right path but wanted to hear others opinions regarding my practices for raising fry....
in my main tank where every one gets busy and eventually gives birth i put a sponge over the filter intake and also run an air powered submersible filter. i think it would be far to much stress to keep netting and moving the mama's so i do a nightly hunt for fry put them in the floating box and every two to three days move them to the grow out tanks.. then once they are big enough i move them to a larger grow out..... once sell-able size i will see if i can trade my LFS for credit or find others in the area who want to trade gear for them!
Unless i find a reasonable and safe way to ship them.. i am not experienced on shipping so if any one wants to comment on that i would love to hear your ideas as well

Fishin Pole 12-07-2009 05:36 PM

I cant say your really doing anything wrong with the guppies, the only fault i could comment on is letting them give birth in your main tank, im sure some of the fry are getting eaten, but with guppies, that could be a blessing in disguise...........We breed 3 different varieties of guppies at the moment and keep the males and females seperated, just for population control, and no chance of in-breeding....each species has their own fry growout tank........

The grow out tanks should have w/c's as much as you can possibly do, daily if possible.........Also frequent feedings for the fry will increase their growth dramatically........We are in the same boat with trying to ship them......Today i just recieved my heatpaks and fish bags i ordered, so i will probably be listing some for sale real soon......We have hundreds of Red Swordtail fry that are growing like crazy, i need to unload some to make room for the next batch!...........Where are you located in Northern US?...........We are from PA......

Oldman47 12-07-2009 09:13 PM

I try to go the other way with my breeding BearWithFish. I place a female into a tank by herself about a week ahead of her next expected drop. When she drops her fry, she will often not bother them much and I just let them get bigger in the tank with her. I let one of my mollies go through a complete cycle from one drop to the next so that I could get pictures to document the entire process for an article that I was writing. After a few weeks, the tank looked like this.
That picture was 9 days before her next drop. Obviously a larger fry grow out tank would have sped things up but it was not the objective at the time. At 3 months of age, those fry were quite popular at a local club auction and actually brought me enough to pay their food bill, in cash. I prefer a club auction to a LFS for the simple reason that I know the people who attend the auctions know how to care for the fish.

bearwithfish 12-08-2009 06:04 AM

very cool .. the only club around here meets an hour and a half away so thats not practical for us..... as for where i a i live in western MA up in the corner by VT & NY about 10 minutes from both actually.... let me know how the shipping goes perhaps we could trade to keep fresh blood in the lines.. as for the grow out tanks and birth tanks after the move i may have that kind of room by mid summer (building a fish room!!) but for now i am running tanks in multiple locations and space is limited...LOL i dont think any where will have th room i want but one can always dream right?

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