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Angelove 12-06-2009 01:04 PM

Ich and Fry- Newbie Needs MAJOR HELP!
I just lost most of the fish in my tank to ich, which had become very advanced before I understood what it was. There are only two fish remaining in my 20 gallon: a dalmation molly and a fancy guppy. This is the 10th day of treatment with medication, but their lesions look worse than ever. They are still spending lots of time on the bottom and top of the tank. Until yesterday, there were three survivors, rather than two- one of my glofish was found dead this morning. The glofish had been getting a large belly and I assumed it was from the parasites. Today I discovered fry in the tank! It seems the glofish was pregnant, although I was assured at the LFS that I was given all males. Now I have plenty of questions. Were these babes born with ich? Is the medication toxic to them? How about the toxicity of a tank in which the filter has not been running during the medication period? Does it seem that the other two fish are doomed? I do not have a proper hospital tank, and would like to keep the babies in the tank I have if the other two are not to survive. For the time being, the fry are segregated to keep them away from the guppy. I was in no way prepared for babies in a tank of "males".

Oldman47 12-06-2009 10:01 PM

Ich is a parasite. It will quickly infest the new fry if your treatment is not effective. If it is effective, the fry will never show any symptoms. The zebras are not the source of fry in a tank, they lay eggs, they don't drop fry. Chances are the molly dropped the fry if you can spot them easily. The fry will have parasites the same size as the adults, which in a fry is often fatal, so go forward with the treatment and keep the fry from being infested with ich to start with.

1077 12-07-2009 02:24 AM

Filter needs to be running but carbon in the filter should be removed or it will remove the medications if medications are being used. Without filter running,fish are being deprived of oxygen.

Angelove 12-07-2009 09:05 AM

They must be from the molly, because the guppy is absolutely a male.The fry were born on the 9th day of treating the 20 gal tank with ich meds (it could be possible that they were born before that and that I didn't see them- not sure). The fry have been moved to a proper hospital tank with no other fish. Should I still treat them for ich?

Our other 2 fish passed on.

So....filter on but carbon out? I am very confused about this. I was told at the LFS to turn the filter completely off!

1077 12-07-2009 09:39 AM

If fish have ICH then all fish in the tank should be treated because they will all have been exposed. Moving fish with possible ICH will result in possibly two tanks with the ICH parasite. The local fish stores are not always the best source of information. If you have fish in an aquarium ,the filter needs to be running. Just remove the carbon and be sure and place NEW carbon back in the filter when medication is over, to remove the residual medication from the water. Have no explanation as to why they (LFS) would suggest turning the filter off.

Angelove 12-08-2009 04:04 PM

Yes, I thought it was strange, too, but I asked the lady at the LFS SPECIFICALLY if I should remove the carbon or turn the filter completely off and she told me to turn it off. I believed her because I'm a beginner and she, presumably, is not.

The only fish we now have are the seven fry who are in their own, brand new, tank.

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