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teddyzaper 12-05-2009 01:54 PM

55gal JD tank
i have a jack dempsey and a pictus catfish in a 35gal tank and i think its a bit to small
my uncle has a nice 55gal long tank that i can get for free, im probably getting it today.
when i get it what should i put in it?
i have some nice play sand but i dont think there is enough, about half a 50lb bag. i can get another at home depot though.
i need some suggestions on some stuff, what other fish could i put with them (if i can)? what type of habitat do they originate from? what filter is a good filter for $100 or under (not fond of HOB)? are guppies a good treat for a JD? will a 20" 60watt light be enough (i dont plan on plants)? if not what would make the colors pop the most? any ideas on decore? i like the natural look, no fake plants or mini sunken ships. i was planning on having a bunch of rocks forming caves with some pieces of driftwood sitting around.

molliefan09 12-05-2009 01:59 PM

i was headed towards the playsand subtrate but after some advice here and brainstorming i decided against it. the darker the substrate the more your fish colors will "pop" and it will be more natural for them

teddyzaper 12-10-2009 09:14 PM

ok so i got the tank up and running, well not really running just up with water and a heater and pump.
i would still like the above questions to be answered please. i made a big rock cave in the corner with a big open space. im planning on getting a Fluval 205, Canister Filters | Pet Solutions even though it says up to 40 gallons i think it will work. i think the tank is a 50gal because when i measured and did calculations it turned out to be 50. i have a big heater rated for tanks up to 100gallons so it will definatly work. when i cycle the tank do you think i should put like 50% of my 30gall tank into it and the filter and that should be fine or should i just do a full fishless cycle?

jeaninel 12-11-2009 12:13 AM

Move your filter over from your 30 gallon and move your existing fish at the same time. You could also take a cup or two of your gravel and put it in a stocking and hang it near the filter intake. This is what I did when I upgraded to my 55 gallon for my pleco and severum. I tested every day for a week after and never saw an ammonia/nitrite spike.

I know it's more money but I really think the Fluval 305 would be better for your size tank especially with the cichlid in there. How big is your JD? I have mine in with a firemouth, female salvini and some tiger barbs and so far no problems. What is the length of your tank?

I think your plan of sand substrate with rock caves and driftwood sounds fine. That's about what I have except my rocks are more just large boulders. I added a couple java fern and the fish leave them alone so far. I also ahave a few fake plants in there. You can see pics of my tank under my aquariums tab under "cichlid tank". Except the pics were taken before I added the java ferns.

For a treat I feed mine frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp a couple times a week. I wouldn't use guppies unless you raise your own and know that they are healthy and well fed.

Would love to see some pics. Good luck!

1077 12-11-2009 04:07 AM

I agree with with Jeaninel. You don't want a filter rated for a smaller tank than you have.
I would look for filter capable of filtering six times the volume of water that the tank holds.
55x6 = 330 GPH. Jack Dempsey male can reach ten inches and they are messy fish especially during eating.
I placed an Elecrtic Blue Jack Dempsey in an 80 gal tank with sand and all was well while the fish was small (two inches) .Once the fish began to grow,it was fond of digging in the sand and generally causing the sand to get into the water column and ultimately in my filters. I then switched the sand (90 lbs), that took me forever to rinse:evil: for plain old pea gravel I got at Lowes. (hardware).

teddyzaper 12-12-2009 12:58 AM

wel my tank is 4 ft long. since ive been looking ive decided to go with the 305. i would like to put another type of fish in there. any recomendations of cool looking fish with lots of color or personality. right now my JD is like 3 inch.

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