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Kudomeya 12-04-2009 10:52 PM

Fish: Problems and Issues with Adivce needed
Hello, I'm new here. I have a Koi pond with tons of Koi, extremely healthy. I have one indoor tank that's huge with slowly decreasing goldfish. :sob: I'm extremely sad about it. They're all in good condition, but there are some problems.

1. Algae. It's on the lid, but the fish can't reach it and we always get rid of it when we find it.

2. A parasite that has affected one goldfish, the only skinny one. It made her blind with white on her eyes.

3. They're pretty much all fat, except for one. No, we never overfeed.

But, That isn't the main problem. But if you can answer, please! Now, here's the main problem:

My Beautiful Bettas.

Their names:

Aloe has a fin rotting illness that I am treating right now. He's about two years old and I've had them all for about a year or more.

Now here's my biggest concern: Sapphire.

Sapphire has pop eye. He has had it for weeks before I could identify the problem. Ever since I found out about two days ago, I've been treating it fiercely. His swelling has gone down so much. I really hope he doesn't lose his eye. But I'll continue treating him.

Now Sapphire is in a different tank, since he shared one with Comet. I'm worried Comet might get it so I'll change the waters.

All fish live in a good sized tank, a little small, but Comet and Sapphire's is the biggest. About 1g.

Comet has gold specks on his tail that you can only see with a flashlight. Should I be concerned?

Thanks for taking time to read, and please answer if you can, suggestions, advice, anything else will be appreciated.

Twistersmom 12-05-2009 07:55 AM

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Do you know what size the goldfish tank is? If not, you can measure the height, width, and length, and we can calculate the size.

What is your tank maintenance schedule on all of your tanks? What % of water is changed out, and how often?

Do you have a water testing kit? If not, the API liquid freshwater testing kit is a good one to have. If you can, test the water and post the results for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and ph. If you do not already have a test kit, most fish stores will test for free.

What medications are you currently using?

The more detail you can give us on your current setups, the better.

Kudomeya 12-06-2009 05:51 PM

Hello! The tanks are not big ones like regular tanks, they're for one fish except for Sapphire's and Comet's.

Aloe: 23" by 6"
Sapphire & Comet: 26" by 9"
Teak: (About the size of a lava lamp, since the tank is one, not a real one though): 12.5" by 15"
Kilauea: 25" by 5"
Sapphire's temporary tank: (Had to isolate him because of his pop-eye, didn't want Comet to catch it.): 13" by 5"

I do check my water, and I have been more stricter about cleaning their tanks. Every week, they're dirty by Sunday. Now, I'm going to change them 2 times a week.

% of Water.. Answer: All of it. It gets a little cooler for them so I have to bring it up. Sometimes a little water stays, but not much.

Medicines: I am using a fin rot medicine for Aloe, called: Anti Fungus, Fin Rot and Fungus treatment.

By the way, for the Ammonia, I have a something to destroy it and put a drop in each tank if it has it. It'll clear it up.

I don't have a medicine for Sapphire yet, but I'll get one soon. I'm changing his water in his temporary tank every 2-3 days.

No, I have no filters or anything fancy shmancy.

Does that answer it? :)

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