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Maryrox247 12-04-2009 12:46 AM

Possible preganant platy? weird poo?PLEASE ANSWER
Hi. my platy is noticably fat and her gravid spot is orange with a few black dots ( baby eyes or eggs?) and she has a flat appearing yellowish transparent peice of poop hanging from her rear end and its been hanging there for like a day or two counting today. Im really confused and im not sure if the male is even fertile because he is pretty old but he has got her preggers a few times the most recent about a month ago. whats going on? should i put her in the breeders net? by the way she is swimming at an angle sometimes with her head facing more down ( not full head standing) she does not have pinecone scales or pop eyes.

bettababy 12-04-2009 01:00 AM

That is some very limited information for us to work with. Can you please list your tank stats?
Size, temp, test results for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH... maintenance schedule, feeding schedule and foods offered, etc. The more you can tell us about the entire tank, including how long it has been set up, then maybe we can piece together enough information to offer you some help.

At this point there could be nothing wrong or something serious wrong... we just have no way to know.

Maryrox247 12-04-2009 01:15 AM

Sorry about that! my tank size is 17 gallons and has about 20 fish in it. the last time i got my water checked everything was ok except for a very small concentration of ammonia which i am 95% sure is gone because the tst was a month or two ago. ( i have the water tested at my local pet store since i dont own a home test kit and cant afford one at the moment) the tank has been set up for about 5 years. i feed my fish once a day tetramin flakes and and once or twice a week as a treat freeze dried bloodworms or tubifex mied with tetramin flakes ( each is half the normal portion fed that way there isnt a surplus of food) i have all fake plants in my tank except for two which i cannot name. gravel is the substrate and the tempurature is always around 75 to 80 degress fareighnheight ( or however you spell it lol) i do water changes about once or twice a month and clean the filter about once a month i also clean the tank walls ( scrub off algeae) whenever neccary. hope this helps

bettababy 12-04-2009 02:00 AM

That helps some... can you tell me if all of these fish are platys? If not, what other species of fish are in there and how many of those?

We are going to need a new set of water tests and exact numbers to work with here. Considering your description of the tank thus far, it would not surprise me to find there is a water quality issue going on. Please ask the store to write down what the exact number results are for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and pH, and also what type of test kits they are using. If they are using test strips it is a waste of time to have them test it because strip tests are very inaccurate and seldom performed properly.

I am going to strongly suggest you obtain your own liquid test kits as soon as possible. API sells a master kit that is not very expensive, and it can be purchased in various places online. Right now Fosters & Smith has it for 23.99 and it includes all of the tests you will need. You can find it on their site here:
Aquarium Water Testing: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Freshwater Master Test Kit

There are 2 things I can suggest for you at present before I have test result numbers, and both should help. Increase your water changes to 25% each week and slow your feedings to 1/2 the amount you give them now and only every other day. I promise they will not starve. Platys are omnivore, but known to be a wonderful algae eating fish. If you are finding a need to scrape algae in the tank that is a natural food source for them. If they are hungry beyond what you feed them they have the ability to find natural food in the tank at any time.

A few more questions for you, so please bear with me...
How often are you scraping algae?
How much water do you change each time currently?
How big are the fish?
Can you get any clear photos of them and their tank?

There may be more questions as we sort this out, but we're making progress. Keep the info coming...

Maryrox247 12-04-2009 09:43 AM

i will try and get a photo of the tank for you when i can ( probably this weekend) and i scrape algeae whenever it seems to be "taking over" my tank which is normally about once every fe weeks and i know some of my fish eat algeae so i leave some in my tank and i have some hikari aleae pellets handy too as a supplemet ( mainy for my bottom feeders but my other fish normally get them) the largest fish in my tank is a dwarf rainbow and my other fish are neon tetras, guppies ( i breed yay!) platys of course which im trying to reed lol, 1catfish, rasboras and 1 litle shrimp ( dont know the variety buhe is clear and hides most of th time. when i change water i normally change about 25% by the way the rainbow is about an inch maybe and a half long. he doesnt harm the other fish and by the way i mentuioned i breed just itttle heads up i am careful to keep fry in breeders nets until they are big enough to be released and i sell them to my localfish store ( unless they would elp cintribute to my fancy strain in the making) so i dont over populate.

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