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DTBrown 01-15-2014 02:46 PM

Is My 20G Community Stocked
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My 20G high currently has
6 Black skirt tetras
4 false julii corys
2 neon gold variatus (males, I don't want fry)
Heavy planted (fake)
78*-80* F
Ph 7.8-8.0
Fluval(Aquaclear)30 & Topfin 20
Small smooth gravel
Rocks and fake tree root for hiding

I know I'm close if not already fully stocked, but if I can should I add another variatus? I heard they prefer at least 3. Also is the variatus a type of platy? I'm also likely getting a 10 gallon soon, when it's cycled, could I put the variatus in the 10 and add a German Blue Ram to the 20?
I've also heard mixed reviews about these FJCorys, does anyone know how big they will get?


tankman12 01-15-2014 03:10 PM

I am pretty sure that the variatus are a type of platy mix. Platies like to be in groups so u could put 3-5 males in a 10g. GBRs like live planted tanks so u could get some live plants and thn gt 1 or 2. I would also recommend getting some real driftwood cus it looks nicer and the GBRs will like it more. Also I would sell the black shirt tetras cus they r a large tetra and have a larger bioload and like copper rasboras or neon tetras. FJ Cory's gt around 2in so those r good. Stocking option
1 or pair of GBR
4 fJ Cory's
6-10 small schooling fish (# depends on speices)
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DTBrown 01-16-2014 12:04 AM

Thanks for the response Tankman,

Once the 10 gallon is up and running I'll transfer the variatus and add a couple. Would any type of shrimp work as bottom cleanup in the 10 with the variatus?

I'm interested in live plants but don't know much about what it requires…?

What would be an appropriate size tank for black skirt tetras? would a 29G (30x12x21) be ok? I don't want to get rid of them but they are already starting to seem a little cramped and they aren't full grown yet and I want my fish to be comfortable, so I guess they'll have to go, since a bigger tank is out of the question right now.

I'm a little confused, would copper rasboras or neon tetras be a good fit for my tank? I do like harlequin rasboras or glowlight tetras, could I do 7-9 of one or the other? and then add the blue ram?

Thanks again

tankman12 01-16-2014 03:25 PM

A 29 would be great. But if u don't want to upgrade than u should just gt rid of the black skirts. For the 10 u could get so ghost shrimp, they do a great job keeping the bottom clean. The harlequin rasboras r very active and would probably like a 29g more. U can gt a school of glowlights if u wish. I have 9 soon 2 be 12 copper rasboras in my 29 heavily planted and they r an awesome orange color and school very well. They also r small, not even reaching an inch. For plants they r not that hard, things to need would be, good substrate (black flourite sand cus of the corys) 2-3in, good lighting (at least 1-2wpg) of 6,500k daylight, and than gt some flourish excel for co2. Low light plants to start with would be java moss, Anubis, mosses, bacopa, water wisteria, water sprite, most swords, dwarf lilies. If u gt a 29g thn u could start it planted with t5s and thn u could get more Corys, glow lights, harlequins, 2 pairs of GBRs, and some algae eater. Also some real driftwood will make ur tank nice and the fish will like it more. I have 4 pieces in my 29 and they really make the tank pop with all the plants growing around and on it.
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