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squiggles1 02-14-2007 10:01 AM

feeding my fw moray worries
I have a fw moray, he's doing good, he's in brackish of about.009 sg. his params are good. now first off he's pretty sensitive to stress. when i do water changes every week he usually won't eat for 2 days. the water i change it with is good, no real temperature or ph or salinity differences (i only increase the salinity very slowly). the thing is, for the past 5 days i think i haven't seen him eat. He's still acting normal and doesn't look sick but when i drop his food (krill) he just sniffs it and ignores it. He usually loves the stuff, he attacks it like a dog, shaking his head and making sure it's dead. just wondering if it's normal for these guys to not eat for awhile, or other things i could try offering him. it's just he acts like he's not hungry. i don't know if he picks at stuff left in at night but it doesn't seem to noticably diminish before i take out the old stuff. i really like him so i really hope he's not sick. if i put my finger to the glass he'll sometimes come put his nose to it and when he's hungry he won't go to the top when i open the lid. only if he actually sees the cup i bring his food in will he get excited. but that's only info on our nice little eel and owner past times! :D I did take the skull out of the tank because it seemed to be starting to flake so maybe he's just depressed that his skulls gone. but he does have a rock cave and rocks to squirm and play around so he's not out of places to hide either if he wants to.

Rue 02-18-2007 10:01 AM

He's very a fishy way of course... :D

musho3210 02-18-2007 10:10 AM

dont feed a main diet of krill, try feeding him brine shrimp pellets or even better, frozen brine shrimp, also any leftover food within 5 minutes you should take out of the tank

squiggles1 02-19-2007 05:23 PM

ok thanks ill try some of that.

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