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shane3fan 11-29-2009 07:56 PM

treatment for a battered fish?
I have a peppered Corydora that is in pretty bad shape--I can only assume that my Betta did it--he has part of his tail missing--his dorsal fin is damaged and he has an open wound near his anus. I doubt he will make it, he is able to swim but he isnt doing very good. He mainly lays on the bottom and breaths heavily. His colors are good--actually he is darker than the others in the same tank at the moment---they are eating and their colors seem to fade while they eat--weird.

Anyway, I did a 50% water change--was time for that anyway--thats when I noticed his wounds. I took the Betta out and put him in my other 10 gallon by himself. I added a dose of Jungle bacteria and fungus remedy, took off my DIY filter difuser ( water bottle split in half and attached to the filter outlet to slow the flow down ) so the water would have plenty of aeration and gave the injured fish a salt dip.

The tank is a planted tank with great water conditions---I tested with my API kit before the water change.

Any other suggestions?

jpbotha 12-01-2009 02:35 AM

I see that you have tried the only solution I know, salt.
What works for me on my cichlids, is using normal Epsom salt in the tank with increased temperature, instead of aquarium salt. Keep filters running normal.
I got better results with Epsom salt than aquarium salt. It is also recommended for pop-eye treatment and the fish do not have to be in QT and will not affect the other fish. I use one level teaspoon per 10 gallon.
Its the cheapest medicine I've ever bought. It works for me.

1077 12-01-2009 04:51 AM

What are the parameters for the tank? Assuming (always a bad thing), that ammonia and nitrites are zero and nitrAtes are 20ppm or lower, I would be hesitant to use salt with corydoras even though the dose suggested,(teaspoon per 10 gal), is not all that strong.
Cory's are not all that fond of temperatures above 75 -77 degrees although the pepperd corys can handle it better to some degree ,than others (most). They also do poorly with nitrate levels much above 20 ppm and stagnant water. By stagnant I mean water with little movement. Perhaps an airstone and some water changes every two days would help the fish,, along with leaving the Betta out and filter running unobstructed.
If fish continues to do poorly then medication for bacterial and or fungus may be option. Many fish can and do heal on their own if given clean enviornment. I might were it me,, try the water changes every couple days first, but that's just me.

willieturnip 12-01-2009 10:09 AM

Just keep the tank in good shape, keep the water as clean as possible and let nature take its course.

shane3fan 12-01-2009 12:55 PM

It died last night---still not sure what caused it. I can only assume that the Betta did it. He is in solitary confinement at the moment-lol.

The Peppered Cory are down to 3 now in a 10 gallon. Im thinking of putting those 3 in my 29 gallon and taking the 10 gallon down to start from scratch. Not sure though.

Thanks for the input and suggestions. I was pretty sure it was a lost cause because of his injuries.

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