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Fishin Pole 11-29-2009 01:34 PM

90 gallon tank build
Well my girlfriend Aquariangel posted the recent shots of the stand we built this past week.......the bottom is gonna be 2 55 gallons side by side, with 2 90's, side by side on the top.......I know for the first 90, its gonna be built around a few fish i already have............This is whats going in for sure at this point:

1 common pleco......10 inches, in another tank now
1 Striped Raphael Cat.......7 inches and very fat!, another tank

4 silver dollars(Buying 3)........dont really want these guys in there, have one now by himself in our 90 gallon community tank, and he needs a better habitat and friends

1 female convict...(buying) the personality of these fish, when they are not being subjected to breeding

1 SA pike type fish, that lurks at the top....nothing bigger than 6 inches when mature

Thats the stocking list i have in mind.............I plan on having a huge log of some kind of driftwood stretching the length of the tank with larger type of rocks piled around, with some simple plants (probably, jave moss and java keep the lighting simple)........small caves all around for the bottom dwellers.........Dont want to go heavily planted with the silver dollars, the one i have has reeked havoc in my one planted tank......

Thats the plan i have in my head, just looking for some feedback concerning stocking list and any issues members, might think arise........All comments are welcomed

Angel079 11-29-2009 04:35 PM

That's the stocking list for the 90g?
What kinda water are you dealing with to better suggest fitting fish?
What I"m kinda missing trying to vision that stocking like in a tank right now, is either a school or a harem in there, rather then the single-bachelor pad...
Like the set up idea a lot, think that's gonna look real awesome. You could also use something like Cryptocoryne wendtii, they've been fine in my low light setting and attach nicely to rocks and DW too (or you can plant them in gravel for that matter).

Fishin Pole 11-29-2009 06:20 PM

Thats all the stocking i want for the 90...........with the bottom dwellers and the mid level fish, i figured that would be a good start.............

My water is 7.2 out of the tap with moderate hardness, but with the large piece of driftwood, it will probably fall to 6.8 to 7.0 once its in the tank for a few weeks, a good number for all the fish i plan on keeping, or so i think...........

Well the plants are sorta up in the air..........with silver dollars, i dont want to end up feeding them expensive plants, thats why i leaning towards, cheap plants that fish usually dont eat...and i expect the convict to dig up anything i put in the substrate............

This tank is a few weeks from coming together, but the stand is built and i have the tank and filter (RENA XP4 + a cheap HOB for more water movement).......its a matter of an inline heater and the big chunk of wood for it and i can start putting it together..........just looking for opinions on my plans.....

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