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thechaser09 11-28-2009 07:40 PM

Moving House
hey i was just wondering how you would go about moving your fish tank to another household, do i need to keep any of the original water? any help or suggestions would be good,

thank you

Twistersmom 11-28-2009 08:11 PM

What size tank?
I would put the fish in a bucket with their water, and use a battery powered air pump. If cold out, an insulated box with a heat pack would be best. Then you would have to bag the fish.
Keep the filter media and gravel wet. If the tank is small, just leave the gravel in the tank. If large, place the gravel, covered with tank water in a rubber maid tote.
Quick changes in ph can be harmful to your fish. If the water is much different at the new place, I would save as much water as possible. Another option would be to drip acclimate the fish, to the new water.

Angel079 11-29-2009 10:01 AM

For starters: Lots of patience and time to reserve for that matter :-)
As Twistermom said, organize plenty of buckets with lids (make sure they had no chemicals in it prior to fish use) catch and place all your fish in there.
If you're dealing with a big tank (eg 55g or larger) it helps to drain half the tank water prior to the fish-catching action.
Reason you want to keep filter & gravel wet during the move: So your beneficial bacteria doesn't die on you
Its also helpful to have your car pre-heated when transporting all of this, to avoid a heavy Temp shock for the fish (unless you live down south).
At the new place either use the old water (if tap is different then the old parameters) set up & fill up the tank quick and acclimate the fish to it and re-place them in their new old home.
Make sure to hook up the filter asap when you have water running in the tank to avoid delay's there that could poss. harm the bacteria.

All that said, what's also a good & safe way to transport the fish in rough climates (winter time) wrap the buckets in bubble rap as they'll create these warm air pockets around the buckets.

On all this action you want to move quick, not like pack it all up, let it sit for day or two and then set it up, this action should be pulled off start to finish in one go so reserve plenty time for it (I'd suggest 1 moving day just for this).

Good Luck.

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