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langod 11-28-2009 02:50 PM

Red nodules
Hi all -- 1st time poster but occasional lurker before.

I've had fresh water aquariums for 30+ years, but have never seen this sickness. Hopefully, one of you guys can help.

In my 65 gallon FW tank I have a bunch of Black & White Tetras, a few Gouramis, some cherry Barbs, several Ottocinclus and 2 Plecos. Recently one of the Tetras got these red spots on his fins. The thing that's most weird about them is that the spots are definite lumpy growths, not just "spots" There don't seem to be any streaks in the fins.
Starting yesterday, I started applying infection dosages of Aquari-sol to the water, but obviously it's too soon for any effect. The tetra isn't an expensive fish, so I have no problem euthanizing it, but I want to identify the problem, so I know whether it's something contagious that I have to rid the tank of.

Here's the water test results from this afternoon:
temp about 72
pH = 7.8 (a little high)
Hardness = 9 GH / approx 160ppm KH (about normal for my tanks due to hard water supply)
Ammonia = 0
Nitrite = 0
Nitrate = 5-10ppm

So...any idea what it is and how to treat?

Twistersmom 11-28-2009 04:25 PM

I have just spent a good 30 minutes, reading up on fish disease. I could not find a match.
The fish are still acting healthy, and the only signs of illness are the red spots? Wonder, if they are a growth or "blood pockets".
The closest I found, where pictures of fish infected with anchor worms, but all the fish had the spots on their body and not on the fins.

willow 11-28-2009 04:36 PM

all i could find was bacterial infection or people saying fluxes ?
all has not been lost though,we'll find out one way or another,
as i'm very interested to know.

rsheets 11-28-2009 05:06 PM

The closest things I could find are:

Lymphocystis - The most common viral disease, resulting in cauliflower-like growths over the body surface and white areas around the eyes. May sometimes develop internally.

Vibrosis - Lethargy, skin discoloration, exophthalmia, reddish staining of the fins, abdominal swelling. Spreads fast and can cause rapid mortality. Caused by vibro virus bacteria.

But It it really doesn't fit perfectly. I got this out of my new book "Encyclopedia of aquarium & pond fish"

langod 11-28-2009 10:09 PM


Yeah, it's a weird one. I've never seen it in all the time I've been keeping fish. The fish seems to be acting normal, eats normally and the other fish don't seem to be picking on him as they would if he was weakened.
I raised the temp a bit, and I'll keep treating with Aquari-sol for a few days and see what happens.

If anyone does identify this, I'd still like to know what it is....


cerianthus 11-29-2009 09:08 AM

If not sure of what it is, dont apply any med.
Do not raise the temp either.
Just monitor until more definitive answers are derived.

Any more pic form different angles?

I cant tell if it growth of nodules? Does it seem getting bigger?

Since fish is still eating well and behaving normally, Just stay on top testing and routine maintenance.

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