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englandbloke 02-13-2007 01:30 PM

cycling new tank
i got my new tank last thursday and started the process if cyeclings it. usallys when i start a new tank from fresh i just leave it it for a mounth and add stuff into it gradully. like water then plants then fish. and thats without any chemicals.
so the new tank i got on thursday, i added the gravel and water and added some tap safe stuff, also put half of the water from my old tank into the new1 as well as emptyed to load of crappy stuff from the old filter minto the new 1 for the bactier to build up. then on sunday added some plants and 4 tiger barbs.
i tested the ph before i added the tiger barbs and it said 7.6 and some website i found said that ph level was ok for tiger barbs and also good to help start a new tank in its cycle stuff. so ive tested the water again and its the same ph level. is this a good sign? casue usally i leave it for much longer when i start a fresh tank and its at a ph level of 7 as my old tank is now. any advice would help cheers

magic_marty 02-13-2007 06:08 PM

you prolly need to keep check on the ammonia and nitrite levels and not worry as much about the PH.
Have you done any partial water changes since the setup?

musho3210 02-13-2007 06:49 PM

the ph will not change from cycling, cycling is about ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, you can only cycle a tank with the addition of ammonia whether it be a raw medium size shrimp that you get at the grocery store that rots in your tank, pure ammonia, fish food or fish themselves. The tank wont cycle if its empty or only plants

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