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Candee 11-25-2009 06:28 AM

Need idea's - where to go from here
I have a Juwel vision 180 tank (55 gallon) 36x16x22. Had it up and running for about 4-5 weeks now.
Recently added (but not all at once):

1 pearl gourami (still young but I believe its male)
1 powder blue gourami (also believe a male - but gets along well with the pearl)
2 lyretale killifish - a couple
2 upside down catfish - I plan to buy more this weekend (kid at the store told me 2 was enough - NOT)
5 kuhlii loaches
1 albino bushynose algae eater

I was thinking of adding some small cichlide's like apistogramma's , a German blue ram or an altolamprologus calvus.
I like fish that will catch your eye with colour or just look different but I want them to be good community fish.
Was also thinking about maybe some nice school fish - something colourful? not sure if that can all go together.

Was hoping for some good suggestions before I go to the store this weekend. And yes this time I will be talking to a sales person who knows what they are talking about lol.

teddyzaper 11-25-2009 09:36 PM

dont trust what the pet stores tell you they are just out for your money (most of them at least). schooling fish could be some tetras. a pair of rams could work.

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