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bearwithfish 11-24-2009 01:54 PM

so we have been thinking
i was looking around the net the other night and saw a half land half water ten gallon set up that some one had made for frogs.. i was considering the same idea as i have plenty of tens and may be coming into another 20 fairly soon.... i have a lot of questions though as i have never kept turtles or lizards before ... i know that the water side should be filtered and i have an idea about either a in tank (power head like ) or a DIY submersible (air powered) so that is ok... now for the land side..
what kind of substrate is recommended.. how deep is safe for both sides i dont want them to drown nor do i want to have to much dirt if its not needed.... what are some good critters that stay small.... i am thinking turtle at this point but frog or toad may be doable.. just running through all the options to keep my mind occupied right now so i dont set up like 9 more fish tanks before the move LOL
this way i can plan and start to gather and create slowly....sorta;-)

teddyzaper 11-24-2009 08:30 PM

a turtle will need 50 or more gallons so that is a deffinate no no. just throwing a suggestion, they font u make a small lake in the tank with a river going up to it. you can use a pump and a tube to pump the water up and a little spout at the top. for critters, you could have some geckos, they wont use the water but they will enjoy the humidity, you could have frogs, poison dart frogs again wont use the water but need high humidity. the gecko i would recomend would be a crested gecko, go check em out. they love the trees unlike some geckos that spend all thier time on the ground. i would definatly recomend live plants, for substrate, you could use alpine wood chips and moss on top, and for the water part u can put some sand, i would separate them with a peice of plexiglass or plastic with a nice rock wall. to make the rock wall you could take really short pieces or slante and stack/glue them on the plastic/plexiglass (would just be for decorational purposes. i would deifinatly recomend a Diy air powered becuase it will create a lot more humidity in the air. if you have any more questions please feel free to pm me becuase ill probably forget that this was here :P

bearwithfish 11-24-2009 10:40 PM

a lot to consider thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! any other advice??

bearwithfish 11-25-2009 10:30 PM

are thier any frogs that stay fairly small that would do good with fish in the water side??? i was thinking that i am breeding guppies and platties so i will have some i could put in there is they would be safe (once big enough of course) but what kind of frogs??? if of course i went that rout still planning here.... what do you all know about fire belly frogs???

willow 11-26-2009 06:41 PM

my sister has fire belly toads,they're really sweet.
i wish you luck.

bearwithfish 11-27-2009 07:07 AM

thank you willow!! any idea how big they get?? and do they eat fish? i have a friend that has a African clawed frog (or some such name) and it got huge then it ate her fish she was super P.O.'ed LOL..... i wasnt a peaceful community i was thinking set up half land half water and have fish in the water side.. i am rethinking the 10gal idea but if i can get creatures that are small enough i may still use it... the other option was to combine a custom enclosure with a 10 gal. and see how the building of that went..

willow 11-27-2009 10:58 AM

i think they stay reasonably small,no bigger than 2inches i'm sure.
my sister i think feeds them crickets.
she's got hers in a ten gln.

bearwithfish 11-27-2009 11:02 AM

OH THATS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you one of the LFS has some in and they are cute as all can be! i just happen to have a few 10's hanging around and maybe i can talk the wife into starting the build a bit earlier than we planned LOL...

teddyzaper 11-27-2009 02:32 PM

they will eat fish sadly, they will just pick them off and eat them, but a few poison dart frogs would be good, im pretty shure there are nonvenomous ones. i would just order them online, all u gotta make shure that the humidity is way up they. as for the fish, you will need fish that can stand 70-80 degrese water. not shure if the cuppies and mollies can but ill let u figure that out. another thing is that you will need a few heat lamps and a uv lamp. i would definatly recomend going live plants, in and out of the water. get about 10 inches out of the water and 1 inch in the water, that will leave u some space for like 3 fish. the dart frogs also look a lot better in a natural looking enviorment and i think you enjoy them better, so dont go cheap and get colored gravel, use some nice ground moss and some wood chipps or something. you can use almost any plants withought flowers nad some with flowers although i would try to find some that live in rainforests that the frog lives in. you will also need a lot of vines, id recomend getting a viney backround or going to joan fabrics, picking up a BUNCH of fake plants and suction cups and putting it on the back, it will give it that vines wall look and will provide sufficient cover, just like fish, the more hiding places they have the more secure they feel so they come out more, make shure there are millions of tiny crevaces and caves and bushes for them to hide in! btw if u did a 40gal breeded u could fit like 4 pdfs in there and like 10 fish. the only thing i recomend is MAKE IT LOOK NATURAL! you will definatly love it a lot more withought the silly backgrounds and cheap plants and silly colored gravel trust me! oh two more tips, when picking the fake plants get them a dark color, the lighter the faker. and second make shure if the frogs fall in the water they have a way to get out, like a branch. all this would also aply to a crested gecko, i would really recomend checking them out!

Neptune 11-27-2009 02:40 PM

I was looking at crested gecko's a while back. They really like to climb though, so ive read in many different places that for them you'd want something with a bit of height to it.

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