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redlessi 11-23-2009 09:26 PM

my goldfish has a white spot on fin
My goldfish has a white spot on its fin, it looks like cotton and its about the size of a pin head. The tank is 10 gal (I know too small) 0nitrite, 0ammonia, 10 nitrate, weekly water change of about 30%, tanks has been running for almost 1 year with no problems. Any ideas whats going on

So on a closer look, it looks like his tail is split or has a tare in it and it does have another spot on his body that looks like salt. Does this mean that the tank is infected?

The tank does not have a heater (I do have an extra but not sure if goldfish can take the heat), should I use the heat to treat ICH? I would hate to use chemicals if they are not needed. Any suggestions:-?
Thanks much

bettababy 11-24-2009 02:56 AM

First and foremost, a goldfish kept in a 10 gallon tank for any period of time is going to get sick. There is no way around that, the environment is not conducive to the growth and waste levels of a goldfish. You will need to get this fish into an appropriately sized tank if you wish to keep it healthy. Healthy goldfish grow at a rapid rate. Comets go from 1 - 2 inches up to 5 inches inside of 1 yr, and fancy goldfish can easily go from 2 inches to 4 inches inside of a year. If growth is stunted there are internal problems that develop, so however you look at it, the end result is a fish that dies way too young and suffers until then.

If you can post some clear photos of the infected spots I can then suggest a treatment for you. It sounds fungal, but I need to see if there is also evidence of bacterial that may also need to be dealt with. I see no evidence of ich at this point.

Please do not increase temp to treat for ich. Those kinds of temperatures will kill a goldfish. It is likely you are going to need medication to battle this problem, but what med is appropriate will depend on photos so I can see exactly what the problem is.

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