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willieturnip 11-22-2009 04:34 PM

15 nano build - Picture heavy
Seeing as the 150 is probably going to take the best part of a year if not longer, I have decided (persuaded into doing it by a friend..) to set up a 15 gallon nano in the mean time.

It's probably for the best, takes my mind of the big tank and makes sure I don't rush it.

I started with a Juwel Rekord 60.

Firstly I yanked the internal filter box out as it would be totally pointless in a marine tank.

Then I added three Aquarium Systems micro-jet 320's that I found in a charity shop for four quid each! They were brand new in box too.

I added a Visitherm 50w submersible heater.

Then mixed the salt and water and added that to the tank. A day or two later I added the sand.

I used Tetra marine seasalt and Caribsea ocean direct Caribbean live sand.

This completely (and I mean completely) clouded the tank. I left it a few days with everything running.

While all this was going on, I retrofitted 4x9watt power compacts into the hood, to compliment the stock T8 (which will be actinic come tuesday).

So for all this effort and money this is where I am.

All I need to do now is tidy the ballasts up, add live rock, wait for the tank to mature, fit the rest of the power compacts, source some decent lamps ( I can find them in american, coralife do a 10000k and an actinic but with shipping it would cost me more than a halide pendant!), get the T8 actinic, add clean up crew, add corals, add fish, get a skimmer, build the algae scrubber, build the refuge (any point?) and then sit back and enjoy the reef. :lol:

And plump a sump in if I can be bothered..

terryap 11-22-2009 06:48 PM

can't wait to see the next series of photos! keep em coming

willieturnip 11-25-2009 08:28 PM

Here they are!

A lot has happened in the last few days. The photo's will explain everything..

All the lights on.

Just the actinic.

A little brittle star that came on the rock! I.D? I thought they normally had five legs?

The rock is sensational. I got it from my LFS and at about 12 (maybe more!?) a kg it certainly wasn't cheap, but it was worth it. Fantastic coraline and LOADS of life. So far I've spotted two little (really cool looking!) crabs, the above starfish, a shrimp, some sort of muscle/clam/filter feeder and what appears to be a tiny feather duster!

I almost took a little bicolour blenny home in the rock too, luckily I spotted him before it was bagged. He'd hidden himself in the rock and I spotted something squirming. We put the rock back in the water and he swam off. Many jokes were made on the trip home, with ideas thrown around involving duct tape and a koran angel that was in the rock tank. :lol

There's about 4-5kg in the tank at the moment and while this may be enough technically, I still think it needs another 4-5kg.

I'm not sure what to do with the crabs. I have heard bad things about non hermits, but they seem to be great cleaners. Might just group them in with the clean up crew. The bigger of the two is a bright coraline purple, with yellow bands on his legs. Handsome chap indeed (will try to get a photo!) and he digs the substrate like a loon!

willieturnip 11-25-2009 08:33 PM

I forgot to say that I added an Azoo Mignon skimmer too, which despite mixed reviews online is great! Tons of bubbles, good contact time and it's already pulling a bit out.

I also saw some sort of bright orange tentacle coming from a whole in the rock under the actincs at 2:30am (yes, I have been watching the tank all night)..
More on that as and when..

terryap 11-25-2009 08:44 PM

rock looks great!! the star is definately some type of brittle star, but can't tell the color very well from the pic.

willieturnip 11-25-2009 09:15 PM

It's roughly beige, with purpleish stripes.

I'm intrigued towards the filter feeder type animal. It seems to be able to roam around the rock freely, fairly fast. Any ideas?

willieturnip 11-26-2009 08:00 PM

Here's the clam/muscle/filter feeder creature I'm talking about.

What about the green growth, it looks like carline but green. Is this bad or good? It looks nice so I suppose it can't be bad unless it gets completely out of control..

Uploading to imageshack has completely flattened the colours :-(.

willieturnip 11-27-2009 11:04 AM


Tested the water today. All seems to be going well.

Nitrates are a little high at 10ppm, but nitrite and ammonia are both at 0ppm.

pH is at 8.4.

Kellsindell 12-07-2009 10:15 PM

Nitrates should be dropping soon then. Looks good though. GJ. I'm considering putting up a 10g, but i don't really feel up to setting up another tank ATM. Perhaps you can inspire me.

willieturnip 12-11-2009 03:50 PM

First fish is in. A bicolor blenny. Doing a great job of picking at the diatom. Very interesting watching him weave in and out of the rock too, especially when he pops his head out to make sure he's safe.

A picture of one of the crabs, rather oddly named "Tunk" by a friend.

And the compulsory FTS.

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