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Fishfulthinking 01-03-2014 02:22 PM

No More Schooling?
In my 39g planted tank I've had a couple of schools my tank has been up and running a little over a year. Now I have four Rummynose, six Neons, three Diamond Tetras (I know they're best kept in bigger groups, but they've been in the tank the longest as they were my first and recently I tried to introduce another Diamond into their school and didn't want anything to do with him and I figured since they weren't aggresive to anyone and all seemed healthy and happy I'd just let them be and I took the fourth back) and a big Blue Gourami (she's been with them for about 6 months, it was a risk putting her in there but I've NEVER had an aggression problem and she loves playing in my bubbles witht the tetras)

My fish generally stay toward the bottom of the tank and play in the caves and driftwood I have, so I wanted fish that'll swim at the top, (I have a tall tank) so I decided on Zebra Danios. I had them in the past when I had tanks and remembered they were good little fish. With the introduction of the zebras (I got four) I noticed that the day after I introduced them, my schools had broken up..aside from the Diamonds who are still attached at the hip. But I would see a Rummy a Neon and a Zebra, playing in the bubbles and it seemed like the Zebras brought the Rummynoses to the top of the tank to swim.

I just wanted to double check that this shouldn't pose a problem of any sort? Because if it will I can take the zebras back, who might I add are fearless. One of them grabbed the other end of a bloodworm and took it from my Gourami, she didn't mind, however, she just grabbed another but she is four times it's size.

Your help is much appreciated, I just thought it strange because all the Neons I've owned in the past loved their tight knit groups.

Fishfulthinking 01-03-2014 03:09 PM

Also, a note on the Rummies, I initially started with 6 though I wanted a larger group. Upon going to Petco I noticed they only had 6 and weren't sure when their next shipment would be so I snatched them up. I guess the girl getting them was impatient with the quick moving nature of them and unfortunately damaged two in the net, they later died at home. The remaining four seem fine, I keep checking back at Petco and Petsmart (the only fish places in my area, sadly) and they don't seem to be getting new shipments in.

RadMax8 01-15-2014 07:53 PM

Zebras are pretty active fish. They are the most active swimmers in my tank. I wouldn't really worry about the shoals breaking up for now. The Zebras have just added a new dynamic to your tank. Unless they are bullying, it's a non-issue. If you notice the groups are broken up due to fin nipping and chasing, you might want to rethink the addition, but otherwise you are in good shape and I'd imagine once the fish get used to the Zebras you will notice them segregating again.

Diver Down 02-18-2014 09:53 PM

I have three Zebra Danios living with six Tetras (three Rosy and three Red Phantom). The Danios are very bold. They chase each other constantly, and frequent all levels of the tank. They think nothing of charging through a grouping of the Tetras. And the Tetras will drift apart when this is happening. I'm thinking of adding two more Danios to see if they will keep to themselves a bit more.

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