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monkey 02-12-2007 09:08 AM

fire belly newt
hi' i was wondering what do you need to set up a habitat for a fire belly newt. from: john 8)

Matt 02-12-2007 10:06 AM

First: There has to be an area for Land...and an Area for Water.
(I put More water then land cause they love to Swim.)
Second: Water Flow / Filter. For a Newt you dont need anything special, Just a Cheap Internal Filter.
Third: If wanted you could put 3 or 4 Guppies in there so he can have access to food at all times.(Mine has shrimp and Guppies)
Fourth: Dont put any sand...I had 2 Die Because of eating it. Try (not too small.) some small pebbles or gravel.
Fifth: Mine likes to hide in plants so give him a water plant(underwater) and a Normal plant(in the Land area).
Sixth: Give him a Hide or something like that..I gave mine a lego house(to save money..I already had them.)and a coconut cave.
Seventh: What are you Feeding him? or going to feed him? (I feed mine Crickets.)

Hope this Helps....oh yeah....Post Pics.

musho3210 02-12-2007 04:05 PM

Make sure you have more water than land as they spend most of there lives in the water, a good ratio is 90% water and 10% land. Keeping fish with them sometimes work and sometimes doesnt, if you have 4 gallons+ of water you can try to keep three guppies, two females and one male so they will breed and the fry will be eaten by the newt, any fry that survives you can give away to someone. You shouldnt get fully aquatic plants if you have shallow water, amphibias plants are best for that like dwarf hair grass or something-of-the-sort, if your water is deep enough you can have fully aquatic plants. Please also note that newts are coldwater fish and if your summer temperatures are high, you might need to get a chiller or a fan to keep the water cool, between 65 and 72 degrees fahrenhieght is good for them.

ALso there minimum tank size is 10 gallons, you can fit 3-4 newts in a ten gallon. YOu might be able to fit 1 or two in something smaller than a ten gallon, but nothing less than a 6 gallon. Good luck :)

fish_4_all 02-15-2007 07:36 PM

HERE is a site that you can look up the specific needs of hopefully whatever newt you are looking to get.

According to the site, most newts are mostly aquatic but can and do adapt to living on the gorund more and more if they want or need to. The basic setups are more water than land and some even only have small section of driftwood or rocks for them to climb out on and no real land section at all. The site should help a lot and help you set and appropriate tank for your newt.

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