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mrdemin 11-19-2009 12:23 PM

IDing my plants
I have a few plants in my tank as a lot of you know, and mentioned before that I do NOT know what they are... I figured I should try to figure it out, especially if I want to know what they require... and in case anyone asks :shock:
All I did was go through the different websites and try to match one to the other best I could, and here's what I've come up with. If anyone notices a mistake please let me know :-?

Banana Plant - you can see a new leaf starting to grow


Dwarf baby Tears - I really like how they looked on the rock when I bought them, they seem to be doing worse now. I placed 2 big flat rocks next to it hoping it will start to grow out and about. I want a grassy hill in the back.

Amazon sword? The other day I also believe I saw something similar under a type of anubias so I'm not sure.

Anubias Barteri?

The closest I could find to this next one is the red wendtii, but it doesnt look all that similar.

Thats all I have in the tank. The red one I was told gets bigger and bushier, wish I remembered what it was called. The cabomba gets picked on and I ofter find small pieces of it floating around. The baby tears are also coming apart a little at a time. I have all of these in my tank since monday, except the banana that is growing a new leaf.

Byron 11-19-2009 02:23 PM

You've done very well. I think you are correct on all but the very last. It is one of the lillies, Nymphaea lotus probably. It will send leaves to float on the surface; continual pruning of these leaves will keep the plant compact and submerged, as will stronger light. It does bear a resemblance to oneof the small Cryptocoryne, but if I'm correct this plant has a bulb.

The sword is possibly Echinodorus palaefolius. Often difficult to identify new swords, because nurseries raise them emersed as bog plants which is faster and less expensive. Most of the Echinodorus species are true bog plants in South America, spending six months emersed (when they flower) and six months submersed (during the flood season). They adapt well to completely submersed aquarium conditions. The leaves are usually different between emersed and submersed forms; when purchased, the plants have emersed leaves, but after a few weeks in the aquarium, these leaves will die off and the new growth from the centre of the crown will be the submersed leaf form. It is surprising how very different these can sometimes be. I have many times bought plants with leaves quite similar to those in your photo, only to have the submersed leaves turn out very long and wide from the base up, and sometimes even changing colours from green to brownish-red. E. bleheri in emersed form has similar leaves, though larger, but submersed the leaves are always wider and the blades longer with shorter stems.


Angel079 11-19-2009 03:33 PM

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Can only back up Byrons idea: It is a Nymphea Lotus Red (aka Tiger Lotus). I LOVE these plants, growing 'em for years, love them. They are picky on light I can tell you that. But good lights and good water conditions and these things grow so wonderful, here's a reference picture form mine after its been growing a few months this one is ~14-15" tall and just lil wider then that and nice and bushy as you can see. Again LOVE them, take good care of it! :-)

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