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ChristinaRoss 11-18-2009 12:33 PM

how do i kill green water algae?
i have a 65 gallon tank, with 96 watt bulbs, tank setup is 3 months old. this week ive had greenwater algae. i did a 50% water change and within a day it was back
i did another w/c and it was back wihin a day.
i tried algae destroyer, doesnt work

what can i do? i am unable to obtain fluorish excel to try..........
i have covered the tank in complete darkness today......

what else can i do? a uv sterilizer? i have a 9 watt available with powerhead

should i disontinue dosing weekly with seachem fluorish until this is cleared up? will it harm the plants with NO light everyday? my swords are thriving!

Byron 11-18-2009 12:41 PM

Christina already PM'd me and I suggested a post here to gain insight from others with this issue. In the interim, I tracked down the following from a good source on algae information, which I'll cite to start things off. B.

Green unicellular algae will sometimes reproduce so rapidly that the water will turn green. This is commonly called an "algae bloom" and is usually caused by too much light like direct sunlight. An algae bloom can be removed by filtering with micron cartridges or diatom filters. UV sterilizers can prevent the bloom in the first place. Green water is very useful in the raising of daphnia and brine shrimp. Film algae Grows on the aquarium glass and forms a thin haze. Easily removed by wiping the glass. Considered normal with the higher light levels needed for good plant growth.

ChristinaRoss 11-18-2009 01:05 PM

i dont have direct sunlight on the tank.......just very high light from the lighting system

ChristinaRoss 11-18-2009 01:08 PM

also, ive read that by adding seachems fluorish excel will help eliminate it because it adds needed this true?

Calmwaters 11-18-2009 01:25 PM

Read here about half way down:
James' Planted Tank - Algae Guide

Byron 11-18-2009 02:00 PM


Originally Posted by ChristinaRoss (Post 276382)
also, ive read that by adding seachems fluorish excel will help eliminate it because it adds needed this true?

Excel works (sometimes) on brush algae; I've not read it is good for green water. Wouldn't think so.

ChristinaRoss 11-18-2009 02:39 PM

thanks amanda, i read that before, was just trying to get a little more input here from anyone with personal experience

cerianthus 11-18-2009 03:58 PM

Check the color temp (10,000K, 5000K, etc ) of the bulb. i dont find 96W on 65G tank is too much. I ran at least 120W of specific flo lighting and/or over 150W MH+PC and other combos on f/w planted tank w/o issues.
Is this planted tank?

For now, completely black out the tank for few days other than feeding time. Check nitrate and phospahte level if possible.

Proper Water changes should be applied according to results of test when possible.

Angel079 11-18-2009 06:08 PM

I'd also suggest a complete black out (cover with dark bedsheets or alike) for 1 week and then a HEAVY w/c. If you have decor in there like rocks, DW etc, take them out after the black out and seriously scrub them down (w/out any cleaners of cause).
If you have plants in the tank this will not kill them and it won't hurt the fish neither.

ChristinaRoss 11-19-2009 07:51 AM

yes, i already blacked out the tank yesterday. I also installed a 9 watt uv sterilizer. Maybe it wont do much or maybe it will. But I figured it certainly couldnt hurt.

Yes, this is a planted tank, but, not heavy, theres a few swords and java fern in there that are absolutely thriving. I even have many daughters growing on the javaferns. The swords have grown about 10" in about a month. Right now there is only 3 mollies and 4 neons and 5 snails. I have sand for a substrate with some small river stones (dime size) over part of the sand in the back of the tank.

The lighting is full spectrum.I did a 75% w/c the day before I did the black out.

So, should I stop dosing liquid ferts until this is clear again?

Also, should I do another major w/c when its cleared up?
How do I then keep this at bay?

Do I need to replace both filter cartridges after this is clear?
Wont I lose beneficial bacteria?
Will I have to cycle again?

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