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Havoc 11-18-2009 09:55 AM

so after some reseach.... compatability Q
hey i have a 300L tank (think its about 85G us) and was wondering about stocking options.

the tank is cycled and has been running since september but due to work/exams i had to put off major stocking/planting and have only recently been able to get back ontop of stocking it.

i currently have

4 Brittlenose catfish (2 smallish and 2 about 2" in size)
10 neons tertras
4 kerri tetras
2 bolivian rams
1 Dwarf gourami
1 burmese Loach

in the way of plants i have 2 java ferns 1 amazon sword and decent sized bundle of java moss on a rock

i was thinking that in the long run i want to add,

2 German blue rams
6 more kerri tetras
another burmease loach
another dwarf gourami
and lots more plants

after scouting out a LFS that contained most of what i was after and asking a few questions i was told that it wasnt a good idea to mix rams and gourami's as both can be teratorial and that it wasnt a good idea to add a second gourami to the tank either. After further research on-line i got conflicting answers saying they were fine in my sized tank.

so has anyone had any problems keeping these together ?

any other sugestions for tank mates would also be appreciated ?

thanks in advance and sorry for the wall of text tryed to edit as much as i could ^^

Byron 11-18-2009 01:24 PM

A few comments on the fish list. Definitely increase the kerri tetras, they are shoaling fish and groups of minimum 6 but more when you have space (as you will) are better, so 10-11 total will be fine. Try to get a mix of males/females (the red adipose fin is the key) maybe 6m/5f.

The loach Botia histrionica (interesting species name;-)) does better in groups as well, 3-5 would be good, you have room as they max out at 5 inches. Here's some good info on them if you're interested:
Botia histrionica — Loaches Online

Bristlenose plecos can grow to four or up to 8 inches depending upon the species; I would be careful if they are the larger when mature, especially with the Botia's, not so much concerned over compatibility in behaviours but simply their size taking up the substrate level.

I've kept both rams, but not with dwarf gouramis so I'll leave their compatibility to someone who has the latter fish experience. But on the common ram, Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, they are very sensitive to water parameters and water conditions in general. You don't mention your pH and hardness, but unless the water is soft and slightly acidic, this fish will not last long. And they need warmth, 82F or higher. The other fish are fine at normal community temperatures of 77-79 but the blue ram would not survive with this. The Bolivian (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus) is quite different in this regard; I have a male in my 115g and although I have very soft acidic water, this species can do well in moderately hard basic water.


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