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mseaward 11-17-2009 10:02 PM

black neon, missing eye, gill diminished, swimming strangely
5 gallon tank
Elite filter up to 10gallons
small heater
temp 25.6
ph 6.8
ammonia 0.3

black neon, has been missing half his face since I got him (3 weeks to1 month ago). eye appears shrunken in the skull, possibly gone altogether. gill was already partially diminished, appears worse now. eye appears more shrunken. face appears shiny on the side with the missing eye, has been like that since I got him.

He has always swam slightly tipped to one side, I figured it was related to the eye. now appears to be tipped more and earlier this evening was doing loops near the top of the tank. He appears to have some problem swimming, I fear dropsy may be setting in.

Filter signaled maintenance needed, the carbon filter seemed clogged so I changed it and added some cycle. (a few hours ago). filter signal went away so I figured that was the issue.

tested ph, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite. Nitrate was 50, Nitrite was 0.8. both were on the high/dangerous side according to the test kit (nutrafin kit) and the most recent water change was done 2 days ago. I did a 20% water change right away, approximately 1 hour ago. using aquaplus to treat the water and added cycle as well. adjusted the temp before adding water to make sure there was no big shock to the fish. added water slowly so as not to cause shock.

Now he is not doing loops as much and not hanging out near the top as much, but he still seems to be having some issue swimming. I am worried about the gill diminishing too.. does it sound like an infection? I can't get a pic because he is moving around too much.

I fear he may not make it through tomorrow :(. the last time a fish did this he was dead the next day. I will fast the fish in the morning and see how he is doing when I get home from work. I did notice him pooping a few days ago, so I didn't think he was constipated but his new symptoms are making me think so.

anything else I should do? ideas? thoughts, questions, comments?

teddyzaper 11-17-2009 10:43 PM

well that nitrate and nitrite reading is fatal, try to keep both at 0. the cycle is only to start a cycle so dont put any in any more. carbon in a filter will remove any chemicals in the water so take that out because it is doing more harm than good. when u can get a master test kit with liquids. do u vacuum your gravel when u clean ur tank?

mseaward 11-18-2009 03:03 PM

I have tried the vacuum a few times, but I haven't quite got the hang of it yet.

I fear Phantom is on his last leg :(. I just got home and he was stuck to the filter. he is still breathing. I unplugged the filter and he floated up to the top. he is just floating now upside-down, still breathing. his color is mostly gone and he looks pretty battered, I don't know how long he was stuck to the filter today :(


I will test the nitrate and nitrite again to make sure the levels have gone down. anything else other than water change I can do to help?

also, the instructions on the cycle says to put it in every week or when adding new fish... the tank is only about a month and a bit old, not sure if its established yet?


mseaward 11-18-2009 03:07 PM

also, what do you mean by master test kit with liquids? I have a nutrafin kit that tests ammonia, ph, nitrate and nitrite. what else do I need? the master kits were crazy expensive :S

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