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Havoc 11-17-2009 10:59 AM

java fern/moss on rock
hey im kinda new too planted tanks due to a major upgrade in tanks recently, so ive had 2 java ferns for quite a while and was recently told that they shouldnt be "planted' in the gravel but anchored onto features such as rocks or driftwood. I currently have a couple of lava rocks (bout 1 ft long) in the tanks so my questions are

will these rocks be sufficent or do you need a specific type of rock/wood (sorry no pics no camera)

how is the best way to attach ? ive been told fishing line / elastic band / hot glue gun work ?

was thinking of adding some java moss onto the same rock is this possible or will the moss overtake the fern ?

thanks in advance

Angel079 11-17-2009 11:46 AM

You can either attach them to lava rock or driftwood. I personally never dealt with lava rock in the tank so I'd just be careful how it may change your water (KH, pH). I'd soak it in a large tub first for at least 2 days then test the water within it if it dramatically changed from the tap water (eg. Tap 6KH, after soaking rocks its 9KH).

You can attach the ferns & moss on different ends to give them room to grow, but after some time of growing you'll have to do maintenance and clip it back so the moss won't grow on/ over the fern.

Fishin Pole 11-17-2009 12:06 PM

i would just pinch the roots of the java fern between 2 of your rocks...It should take hold in a week or 2......the java moss, just place a little under a rock and let the rest flow freely, it will eventually attach itself to the rock or wood

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