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teddyzaper 11-16-2009 08:25 PM

update on tanks
ok so first off is my 35gal. it is almost completely free of ich and i am still doing the treatments. the jack dempsey it eating a whole lot of food and snails. im pretty sure he is a boy. my pictus is doing good, he kinda mopes around and comes out to eat when he is hungry. no other inhabitants. would i need to upgrade the tank even if those are the only two fish in the tank? my water levels are stable, no nitrates or nitrites.

my ten gallon. i took ALL the plants out and completly demolished everything in it and put it all in my 30gal, all the plants ect. i put all the rummy nose into the big tank and the ghost shrimp. after i took everything out i cleaned the big rock in there and put it back in along with a fake plant. when i looked in it a minute ago i saw 2 baby gohst shrimp. do they just breed normaly or does it mean im doing something right :-P? right now its a snail hatchery so i can feed them to my jack dempsey but when i get some more fish in my 30gal i will use it as a breeding tank.

in the 30gal there are now 6 rummy nose tetras, 1 spoted sailfin pleco, and some shrimp. i have lots of plants all imported from across the room :tease:. there are contortion vals (to many to count), micro swords (4, mainly collecting algea, dont know why cause nothing else does that), petite nana (one tiny one connected to driftwood), flame moss (connected to driftwood), 1 unknown that came from a packet that has bulbs in them and they just randomly grow (it has pretty flowers and is HUGE. it also has a nice cave i made out of rocks. the filter is a cascade canister filter 500. my nitrites are deadly high like 3.0 but that is because i just cleaned and for some reasons it spikes that high after i clean my tank. everything else is normal. sadly i had 2 GB rams and they died because when i got them thay had some ich on them and just eventualy died. i looked at my pleco today and he has like 3-5 spots off ich on him so here i go with the ich treatment again:roll:. when my tank is stable, prob around christmass, i will get 6gb rams and 6-10 panda cories and 4 more rummy nose.

i have an opertunity to get a 125gal tank and i really want to take it. its completly free because my uncle is taking it down because my cousin doesnt like the noise in her "room". if i do take it i will take down the 35 and add the JD and pictus to it. i also would like to have some gar in there and needlefish. if someone could advise me on other fish to put in there i would love it. i plan on making a custom background for it with caves and tall things because the tank is tall and skinny. its a 125gal tall, not really what i wanted but it will do. i want a 150gal breeder because i like the look of wider tanks and also like to have "grassy knolls" of moss and stuff like that.

ok so :thankyou:and hope you guys can help me in my journeys through the realm of fishies!

teddyzaper 11-16-2009 09:00 PM

ok so i was looking around and i also decided i like frogs. are there any frogs that will go good with those fish and plants?

Angel079 11-17-2009 12:54 PM

I'm kinda worried with your Jack & Shrimp, cause naturally a Jack will feed on smaller fish and invertebrates...
If I understand you correct the very tank the rummy nose & shrimp just moved to is getting treatment? I'd strongly suggest to move the shrimp out then, they do not respond well to that sorta stuff.

Dwarf frogs I'd definitely only suggest in a tank that has one peaceful species with it. They don't appreciate stress nor larger fish and also if you got too many fish within, they won't feed right, which obviously over time is not good.

I personally would rather work with the existing stocking and enhance it rather then buying more/ other fish to it.

teddyzaper 11-17-2009 07:33 PM

the jack dempsey and the pictus are in a completly different tank then everything else. i own 3 tanks. another question is will the frogs bother my plants? i know they dont like mean fish but im planning on it being a community tank so it will be pretty peacfull. and also if i was to get that big tank i could also keep my pleco because it will get to big for the 30gal.

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