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englandbloke 02-11-2007 05:00 AM

silver platty
i got 3 silver plattys about a mounth ago, 1 male 2 femails. and 1 of the femails has got much bigger in the belly as in she looks pregnant. looks like inside her theres like a black area. as in loads of crap (poo lol) or babys. so i put her in a breeding net on friday just incase they are babys but nothin so far. shes still the same size and that black spot is still in here. any1 got any ideas :?:

Sleepy 02-11-2007 09:00 AM

Re: silver platty

Originally Posted by englandbloke
any1 got any ideas :?:

Yes, release the poor creature out of this net. Those things are nothing then stress for the fish. If she´s pregnant you will see that soon enough.

I´ve never seen that with my silver mollies while they were pregnant so I can´t really say if this one is pregnant or not.

englandbloke 02-11-2007 09:47 AM

that was no help wat so ever

musho3210 02-11-2007 09:50 AM

i am pretty sure she is pregnant, add some plastic plants or some java moss to the breeders net to help her feel secure and give birth. Sleepy is right, she will have an abortion if you dont take her out of the net or add some plants in there

englandbloke 02-11-2007 09:55 AM

ok cheers

fish_4_all 02-11-2007 05:17 PM

I have never had a problem with the large net breeders and leaving them open for the fish to have their babies. Swords, platties, guppies and mollies all did really well and were less stressed IMO because the males couldn't chase them around and force them to hide.

It can take a while for her to drop the babies to be patient. The plants will help the babies survive and hide so the mother won't eat them and the babies can eat the detritus off the leaves of the plants.

The only probem I can see with using a breeder is netting the fish, not the net breeder itself. I coax the famle into the net instead of netting her so there is no stress to the babies or her.

englandbloke 02-12-2007 10:45 AM

well that black bit has gon now but shes still pritty big in the belly. if she did have any fry they proberly have been eaten. there isnt much room for hideing now casue most of my plants have been moved to my new tank which is still in the process of cycling. wait and see i spose

englandbloke 02-15-2007 01:53 PM

well i got some fry now. found then yestoday. 6 of them i found surprisingly. 2 of them are black and the rest are white. i think these came from the silver platty but its still pritty big so mite have more at some point. just thought ill say anyway :wink:

daisycutter 03-07-2007 11:42 PM

ive NEVER had to use net breeders any handfull of fast growing plantlife works wonders for fry survival with some fish its dificult to determine births, mollies and platys can drop 30odd witout showing a sign

fish_4_all 03-08-2007 12:38 AM

I will agree that plants will serve much better for breeding and protecting the fry. I haven't bred fish intentionally since I learned to grow plants but I would bet if I had swords in with my Pearlweed the babies would survive in numbers larger than I want to think about. I have 1-2 survive in my christmas moss and it is really kinda ratty and short.

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