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Highland lake13 11-14-2009 10:27 PM

Breeding Corys
I have recently decided to try, for the first time, to breed cory's. I have two tanks that I can do it in. One is a 10G that is currently all cycled with normal parameters that is empty, or a 37G Tall that has some tankmates. The 37 has 5 swordtails, 5 cherry barbs, and 2 Pristella Tetras. I also have the choice to try and breed Juliis or Panda corys. My questions are:
  1. Which tank should i use?
  2. What pH and temperature should I keep the tank at if i want to encourage spawning
  3. What species are more likely to breed?
  4. Could i do two species at the same time?
Any help or your own experience would be really helpful.


bettababy 11-19-2009 02:13 AM

Here is some good info for the pandas
Corydoras panda • Callichthyidae • Cat-eLog • PlanetCatfish

And for the jullii
April 2001 • Catfish of the Month • PlanetCatfish

I would not attempt to spawn more than 1 species at a time in a tank of that size. You are only going to have room for 1 species group in a 10 gallon tank. Considering the mix of fish in the larger tank, I'd stick to the 10 gallon for cory spawning, your success rate would be much higher.
Its important to keep them very clean, and a good idea to make sure you have the proper foods available to you for the fry before you begin. The most difficult part will be in sexing them to try to get both male/female in the mix. If you raise them together from small on, they are more likely to pair off easily, but its a shot in the dark to know if you have male/female and at what ratio until they are mature, and even then, it can be very hard to determine until they actually spawn or just don't ever spawn.

For 10 gallons I wouldn't work with more than 6 adults, but if you move that up to something like a 20 long or 30 gallon, you could keep a larger group which would increase your odds of getting both sexes. Please be sure to allow time for them to mature before expecting them to spawn.

Good luck to you!

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