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MidnightBaelfire 12-26-2013 12:56 PM

Sick guppies? No physical symptoms
I have two guppies that have been a little on the lethargic side. They are both about 2 years old. One has always been very small and thin but healthy, I call him my runt. The other is average size.

The small one is black with an orange tail and fins and the other is a snakeskin with a black and orange line going down his back and tail.

Lately they have been spending a fair amount of time resting on the bottom. The other four guppies will come investigate from time to time and bully them into swimming but it doesn't last long. Everything has tested normal (though the strips are a bit faded) and they don't have any other symptoms. The only new addition has been my rubber lip but he/she has left them alone. If it was just the runty one, I would think it was natural causes due to his small size but I don't know why the other showing the same lethargy. They are related

Edit: My rubber lip just came out for a bit and has pale, slightly raised spots all over. I'm gonna run the store and get a new test kit since I'm starting to think either mine isn't working anymore or I'm reading it wrong. Any ideas as to what the spots are? so I know what to treat for? The guppies do not have any spots

henningc 12-27-2013 01:20 PM

I hate to inform you they are suffering from old age. If guppys last 18 months they are senior citizens. Loss of color, energy and eventually feeding response just means nature is telling them it is time to go.


MidnightBaelfire 12-27-2013 01:50 PM

It turns out one of my guppies does have the slightly raised pale dots. The snakeskin that is getting old. Still don't know what it is, google is not turning up anything useful

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