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YoAlyssa 11-13-2009 05:33 PM

my tank is crashing - all fish dying
I have had my 55 gallon freshwater set up for about 4 - 5 years now.

It's mainly been used as a female betta sorority, so it's filled with rock caves, driftwood, and java moss. There were 5 female bettas, 2 dwarf sunset platys, 3 mollies, and a leporinus fasciatus. All have been in this tank for 6months to a year, except the leo - he was added about 3 months ago (never aggressive towards my other fish, and only about 3inches long-had plans to rehome him once he grew, was quarantined before placed in the tank).

I noticed about 2 weeks ago that my leo and my platys were getting ich, so I bought some rid-ich and treated the tank.

4 days ago my molly gave birth to about 30 fry. Most were still born, several were deformed and so I culled them, and the rest are HUGE for molly fry. They seem to be about the size of month old fry.

All fish were alive and well until yesterday. The mother molly was dead as well as one of my female bettas. I did a 25% water change and gravel vac (I was due for my weekly change anyways) and added some aquarium salt (can't think of the exact amount I used, but it was per the directions I have always used in the 5yrs I've had this tank.)

As of this morning ALL of my female bettas were dead and the remaining mollies, platys, and leo are at the bottom of the tank and not really moving.

I can't say that I found anything physically wrong with any of the fish, however one of my females appeared to be literally missing scales from around her face - she was in a breeder net because she didn't look well last night, so I know the other fish weren't munching on her.

amonia - 0
nitrite - 0
nitrate - about 10ppm
temp: 78degrees

I know it's not something wrong with my water or dechlorinator as my bettas in smaller tanks are perfectly fine. Could it have been the rid-ich? Anything I can do, or are all of my fish doomed to die?
Most of the fry have died off as well. I originally had over 30-I'm down to 12 now.

molliefan09 11-13-2009 05:40 PM

i would add carbon to your filter to remove and residule meds from the tank and start do PWC EVERY day i would say, just to be safe, 30-50%. If you have a QT alrady cycled and ready to go transfer all the remaining fish into it until we can figure our what is wrong with your current set up

Angel079 11-13-2009 07:19 PM

I can only second Molliefan's ideas, take all fish or at least the 'sickest' looking ones (depending on the other tanks size) out into your other tank and treat that 'sick' tank with daily W/c for a WHILE.

Good luck!

YoAlyssa 11-13-2009 07:48 PM

I'm currently housing a trio of guppies in my quarantine tank for a friend. She just got them about a week ago. I don't want to risk any of the fish by allowing my fish to be in the same tank as hers. I'm not even allowing the same nets to be used.

Any more ideas?

On a good note, my leo was out mouthing at the breeder box with the fry in it. I'm guessing he was hungry, so I put a few flakes in there and my remaining fish all ate the food, so at least everyone is still eating.

molliefan09 11-13-2009 08:09 PM

i would add carbon to your filter to remove and residule meds from the tank and start do PWC EVERY day i would say, just to be safe, 30-50%.

CamryDS 11-14-2009 02:43 AM

I Just had a crash myself -- I would suggest being very thorough in your vacuum -- I had the black stuff in my gravel, make sure you are able to look underneath your tank and see if you have evidence of hydrogen sulfide --

If you do, don't just shake the sand loose, vacuum it up so you don't release it unnecessarily in the water.

since you have a lot die off there may be something rotting in the tank that you might not know

YoAlyssa 11-16-2009 08:49 PM


I lost every fish in the tank.

What should I do now? I would HATE to have to break down the entire tank and kill off all my beneficial bacteria.

molliefan09 11-16-2009 08:56 PM

i am really sorry to hear you lost all your fish!! I dont have any input regarding what to do now but i am sure someone will be along to help you

Kelso 11-16-2009 10:32 PM so sorry =( That may be your best bet. Clean the tank and run through the cycling process again.

mrdemin 11-16-2009 11:23 PM

How often do you change your carbon? If you have any... I believe I've seen somewhere that it becomes toxic after it stops being "useful"

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