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Katydid 11-12-2009 06:14 PM

Advice on adding fish to my 55 gal....
Hi all. My 55 gal finally is cycled (I set it up in May and finally, in November, I put fish into it.)

I added 6 Zebra danios, and 2 bala sharks. I was suckered into the sharks, and didn't realize how big they were going to get.

Oddly, the sharks solved my problem by both dying within the first week, with upside down swimming and such. I still don't know if the sharks were diseased or if my tank killed them...
the parameters in the tank are fine.

The Danios, however, are perfectly fine. swimming around like crazy and eating well, and actually getting bigger by the day it seems.

Water paramters are fine, pH is 6.5, no ammonia, temp is about 72-74.

I want to add a few more fish to the tank, but I am worried that they might meet the same fate as the Balas.

I was thinking about adding in 2-3 more danios, and either some flag fish or Badis (3-4) in a few more weeks...or possibly both.

Also was wondering if I add in Pearl danios will they shoal with the zebras? or is that just hoping for too much.

thanks, lots of questions.

nfored 11-16-2009 02:46 AM

What about your nitrite? Also keep an eye on the pH, its a bit low, if you let your nitrate get to high and stay that way for to long the ph might drop even lower. are you sure your pH is where its at? since most standard pH test kits don't test lower then 6.4.

Nitrite would be my guess on what killed the bala's if the Ammonia was 0.

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