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mattmathis 11-12-2009 05:48 PM

Ammonia and Nitrite going up. What do I do?
I had to treat my 75 gallon aquarium for a bacterial infection the other day. This was on a completely cycled and established tank. I thought maybe it would not hurt the beneficial bacteria too much since it was an established tank but I was wrong.

My ammonia slowly went up last night, only to 1.5 or 2 though. I did a 40-50% water change and added ammonia clear by jungle. I did another 35-40% water change this morning and added more ammonia clear but the ammonia stays. Now the nitrite are going up to. still only .1 but I'm scared it's going to keep going up. I added some stress zyme this morning too, just to try and help the bacteria. oh, and I added charcoal to my eheim 2217, and I have 2 whisper 60's with charcoal in them running now too.

Do you think this is going to keep getting worse or is there a chance it could turn around?

If it does, what do I do?

75 gallon
ph = 7.6.
ammonia = 1.5
nitrite = .10
nitrate = 20

Angel079 11-12-2009 06:04 PM

What's your tap water ammonia reading?
The best thing right now, keep testing and daily w/c till its over. Personally I'd only do the water and not add even more chemicals in a in-stable tank, but that's entirely up to you.
It will turn back to normal eventually, but your guess is as good as anyone's how soon that may happen.

How long is the tank running, you said established, but how long ago did you set it up (2mos, 2 yrs)?

WisFish 11-12-2009 06:07 PM

I'm not an expert but I think you are doing the right things. You have to keep doing daily or every-other day water changes until the "cycling" is over. It quite possible some of the original chemical is still killing bacteria as well. That might be why the ammonia is still growing.

Angel079 11-12-2009 06:11 PM

Please do daily w/c while your important readings are this high. Every other day could be 'too late' for some inmates.

mattmathis 11-12-2009 06:27 PM

thanks for the fast replies! It's been running for 5 years. Tap ammonia is zero. And yeah I didn't want to add any more chems either. Would it be ok to do another water change today (2 in one day)? I've never done that before.

I will do one water change every day.

mattmathis 11-12-2009 06:29 PM

oh, and what about salt? will that help?

Angel079 11-12-2009 06:31 PM

Dang, if you'd have told me "established" 5 months (which some consider established) I could have seen it getting outta weck like THIS but 5 YRS, WOW, I'm sorry man!

The readings you posted up top was that the results AFTER the w/c this morning? If so, yes I'd personally do a 2nd ~30% one before I go to bed. If that's NOT the readings after the w/c this AM then test first, act upon it.

Angel079 11-12-2009 06:32 PM

What exactly did you put in the tank for the bacterial infection and how much of it?

Fishin Pole 11-12-2009 06:40 PM

i didnt see any mention of a water conditioner.........what are you using for a water conditioner with your water changes?.........Prime is the hobby's favorite, since it detoxs ammonia and removes chlorine and chloromine, but their are others that also work well.........

mattmathis 11-12-2009 06:42 PM

Yea, I know this stinks :(

I used furazone. used at the suggested amount for 2 days. there was no change in water params after the first day. So I went ahead with the treatment. started showing the next day. And I haven't added any more since then of course.

Yeah, I was thinking another smallish change tonight, and then another larger miday tomorrow depending on testing.

Thanks for helping! :)

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