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Kelso 11-12-2009 09:30 AM

Live Floating food?
What live foods are readily available that float? Crickets are good, but my African Butterfly Fish is getting picky...any other ideas? I've had no luck with non live food at all with him, he's like, eh...don't care *swims away*

adiumroot 11-12-2009 09:59 AM

How about wingless fruitflies?

I've heard that a wingless (more accurately, vestigial-winged) variety is being bred. I usually see this as science projects.

Most picky fish can be retrained to eat non-live food by starving them a few days to close to a week. By then they'll be too hungry to refuse any kind of food.

tophat665 11-13-2009 11:16 PM

Confused flour beetles and red flour beetles are good for that.
You could also try some freeze dried plankton. They might or might not go for it.
Wingless fruit flies are already covered. Wanrong with the: you have to be FAST when you feed. Either that or put up some flypaper. If you have any fruit flies in your house, and a wingless one gets awy, they will find ti and breed with it, and all the offspring will be able to fly.

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