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velocitygirl 11-11-2009 09:53 PM

plecos as tank mates??
I have a male betta who is not very active. He is in a 10g tank. I recently got a rubberlip pleco, who will get about 5in, as a tankmate. They did just fine when separated, but they could see eachother. Now that they are in the tank together, my betta keeps flaring at the pleco, but has not attacked him, gone no further than a tap once. Is there something I can do to help them get more accustomed to each other?
Also found out that 2-3 small otos (dwarf suckermouth catfish) are great tankmates for an active betta, if you have a big enough tank. Remember 1 gal=1 in fish.

bettababy 11-11-2009 11:23 PM

To avoid conflict between betta and pleco simply add more caves for the pleco to hide in to get away from the betta if its feeling bothered. Those 2 fish should be fine together. By the time the rubber pleco is full grown it should have a tank size of about 30 gallons.

I'd also like to make note, the fish rule you mentioned is actually 1 inch of adult fish per gallon of water... and this does not apply to all fish.

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