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FDStation152 02-10-2007 03:47 AM

GBR's spawned again...with pics
Well my new mated pair of german blue rams has decided to take another crack at spawning! This time they aren't eating the eggs either and are in fact viciously guarding the eggs from all of the other tank inhabitants. Unfortunately they are still in a community tank however and I hold out little hope of recovering many fry from this spawn. Out of fear that the parents would resume their egg-eating ways I decided to remove 8-10 of the eggs with an eye dropper to a specimen container suspended in the main tank with an airstone for light current. The rams attempted to kill the eye dropper for this crime. I'm doing this mostly to be sure the eggs are indeed fertile and will hatch out. Time will tell. The female also laid far more eggs than last the 100-200 range easily. Here are the pictures I managed to take of the pair guarding the eggs (which you can see as the grayish dots immediately behind the parents on the driftwood). Unfortunately I was unable to get my camera to properly focus in on the eggs but I'll work on that in the future. Anyway here are the pictures!

Eggs in lower center of picture:

Eggs directly behind the female ram:

Eggs directly below the male ram:

Lupin 02-10-2007 06:03 AM

Good luck, FDStation.:) Hope all goes well.:) I certainly will be more than happy to hear from you the results.:thumbsup:

FDStation152 02-12-2007 01:41 AM

The eggs have now hatched and I have dozens of "wrigglers" in a breeding net plus however many the parents continue to guard. They moved the wrigglers to a new part of the tank apparently after hatching. Once they become free swimming I doubt the parents will be able to continue to protect them from their tankmates for long thus the reason I captured more of them. I will attempt to get some pictures but I doubt my camera will focus in sharply. Currently the wrigglers are barely the size of this letter i . For now they will live in the breeding net but very soon ill be transferring them to a small tank of their own. Need to make a trip to the LFS tommorow to pick up some needed equipment!

FDStation152 02-12-2007 09:03 PM

Final post for this spawn. 2 ghost shrimp infiltrated the breeding net and ate all captured wrigglers. Parents have either lost or eaten all wrigglers left in main tank with them. In the process of setting up yet another 10 gallon tank for the sole purpose of hatching the eggs and raising the fry from the next spawn without predation.

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