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mwarsell 12-19-2013 10:40 AM

Is this cyano or some algae?
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Recently my tank has been infiltrated by this fine, meshy kind of green algae. Is this cyanobacteria or some kind of algae?

Here in the pic it's growing on the Xmas moss.

aquabruce 12-19-2013 07:23 PM

Looks like green hair/thread algae. I hate that stuff. Could be induced by too long of a photo period or your lights might be too bright.

How long are your lights on? Any CO2? Are you dosing any fertilizers?

mwarsell 12-20-2013 12:02 AM

I've been dosing nitrogen since my centerpiece stargrass seems to like it. But perhaps have been doing that too often. I have 2wpg light.

aquabruce 12-20-2013 09:28 AM

Manually remove as much as possible. Sometimes you can twirl a toothbrush around and pull it out, like spaghetti. Reduce the amount of time your lights are on.6-8 hours is a good range.
You can try doing a 24-72 hour blackout. Dose some extra Seachem Excel during the blackout if you have it. Throw a couple of water changes in there.

If you have a test kit. Test your Nitrates to see if you're adding too much Nitrogen. A good range would be 5-10

You need to have a good balance of light, co2(carbon), and nutrients to avoid algae.

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