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BooBear9 12-17-2013 02:19 PM

Platy fry getting eaten
Can anyon give advice on how to keep my Platy's from eating their fry? I keep checing the breeing nets during the day, but it seems to happen while I sleep? I just saw on e-bay a different type of breeders net, it allows the fry to go to different chambers where the larger fish can't go.

goldenfish 12-17-2013 10:16 PM

Yes these breeding nets are very useful and work very well, you would be surprised how many fish you can get just by getting one of these

SeaHorse 12-17-2013 10:23 PM

Hello BooBear9!! Welcome to the forum!
I've had lots of Swordtails and Mollies but not Platies but they're much the same.
Yes Livebearers drop their fry in the early morning hours quite often so you have to be strategic about it. Let me ask a few questions, then I'll tell you what I do.
What size tank is it? Who all is in there?

Because Swordtails WILL NOT be put into a breeder box or net, (they will kill themselves trying to get out and crash the lid off in an attempt to escape, I have learned how to be successful other ways. Not always... but most times.
I have a 75 gallon and also a 10 gallon and it's a bit different for both.

First off depending on who is also in the tank, get them used to feeding way at one end of the tank all the time. Say Front right corner all the time, Same spot. Way at one end cause you want to distract everyone except the babies with food while you catch the babies.
Be ready either with the breeder net or box attached and floating in the tank so you have something to scoop fry into. Have a small workable, manageable net, something you can get easily in behind the hood or glass top. Mine is hinged and slides forward but still has a gap in the back.
Next COVER with as much floating plants as you can the back left or whole left side of the tank with plastic plants or real if you have them. The more the better as they need cover and to hide after they are born.

Each morning, as day 28 approaches and the F squares off, be ready with flashlight and net. Keeping the light OFF, I climb up on a chair and with a flashlight peer into the back corners of the tank. The new fry are always along the edge of the tank, into the corners. Once you know they are there, KEEP THE LIGHTS OFF so no one notices them, including Momma, and sparingly feed everyone as far away as possible. Distract them. Using Flashlight and small net scoop up the fry... as many as you can.

Now if you have a spare tank, just net Momma and move her that morning out of the fry tank and away. In my 75 I sectioned off 1/4 of the tank, made my own cheap and easy tank divider and as soon as I saw the 2 Mommas had dropped their fry I moved them back to the bigger side.
I DO NOT like fry boxes for the simple reason that they get totally board and barely swim around in them. Give them a 10 gallon of space and they will explore the whole tank!! I only use one for gathering them out of the main tank.
Feed them tiny amounts of fry baby food if you can get it, and water changes EVERY day!! It is a proven fact they grow faster in daily changed water. As soon as they are bigger then the BIGGEST mouth in the tank they can go with the bigger fish. Again, LOTS of plants, lots of hiding places.
Best of luck!! Keep us posted and you can always try again in 28 days. Mark it on your calender and count it out so you know when you have to start checking daily again.
Oh yes and make sure your water changes are exactly the same temperature and you use dechlorinator.

rsskylight04 12-18-2013 12:37 AM

When i was keeping livebearers I used a 10 gallon tank, heavily planted as a fry tank. as the females got close to birthing, I would put them from the community tank into the fry tank untill they dropped the babies. With all the plants to hide in, the very pregnant mothers couldn't catch many of the fry, and the few she did I counted as payment for the new batch. Idealy you would have two fry tanks, one just for birthing and one for growing the young. The key is for the tank to be full of plants so the fry can conceal themselves and be out of sight from the adult females.

BooBear9 12-18-2013 07:19 AM

The idea os a 2nd tank is great however, I have NO ROOM, to put it. I was thinking of getting one of those all in 1 3 gal tanks as an isolation tank. Just don't have the $$$ yet. Also on ebay I found a breeders net that has chamebers where the fry can go but the momma's can't. I'm hoping to win this one as I haven't seen a breeders net like this in the U.S. It comes from China & I bid 5.75 for it. Ithink I'm going to try that even though my 55 gal tank is over run by Platy's which have changed in color. the 1st bought were black & gold, Now I get blue & white. I also have 2 rosy barbs, 1 pleco who hides, 1 swordtail , 3 giant danios looking to add 2 sm. angels. My last one which I had for about 10yrs passed & I couldn't have ANY other angels with it . He was KING!!

SeaHorse 12-18-2013 07:34 AM

Well at least you have a decent sized tank at 55 gallon. If you don't win the ebay thing... you could do the DIY thing and make a divider. They cost about 3 bucks to make. Here's a link from our DIY section. No they are not pretty, but serve a purpose. There is also a DIY fry tank in the DIY section too made out of the same stuff.

BooBear9 12-18-2013 08:35 AM

Breeders Net
I won the e-bay net. Looking foward to it. Like I said it has chambers in it that eggs or fry could go but not Momma's. I am going to barter with the store the oringinal Platy's came from, bring platy's there & trade for either catfish (bottom feeders) or a female swordtail or 2 small angels. Think it's too much for my 55 gal? Like I said going to trade in a bunch of Platy's mabe abou 10-15 of them.

SeaHorse 12-18-2013 08:57 AM

I have a store I can sell my fish too as well. Yes I think it is a great idea.

I don't know your total stocking list but as long as 2 full grown Angels can fit a 55 then I would say yes. (As long as you are willing to "rehome/sell" off the babies to make room.) If you had the mind set to keep everything... then no.
Just always think about Adult size when buying a fish for a tank. Also consider what their "comfort" numbers are. Some like groups of min 5-6. Do you know what Angels prefer to reduce the picking at each other? Don't think Angels ever stop picking at each other do they?

beaslbob 12-18-2013 09:15 AM

If you absolutely must save all you can then the breeding tanks do work. Decades ago I use an air powered two chamber design which worked fine.

That said what I have done sense is just use a planted tank. Some of the fry survive and in 6 months or so I wind up with a more or less stable population of platties that lasts for years and years.

my .02

rsskylight04 12-18-2013 01:15 PM

you mentioned rosy barbs
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I love rosy barbs they are great fish, strong and beautiful. They will, however , eat any platy fry that are not grown enough, so just be careful adding sub-adult fry to your community tank.

I was surprised by the size fish that a rosy can eat.

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