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AYE RUSS 11-08-2009 12:02 AM

Enough lighting
So i recently picked up a new lighting fixture that holds to sets of power compacts a total of 130watts for my 40 gallon.
Is this lighting enough for some corals in my tank? If so which nice corals will work under my lighting

aquakid 11-08-2009 11:10 AM

Yes. You should only add low-med light corals; ie. mushrooms and softcorals

cerianthus 11-09-2009 03:11 PM

How high is the tank?
If tank is less than 18" should be ok formost common mushrooms, star polyps, zoa, paly even most lps.
As fa as leather, not necessarily all the leather. Check lfs. pick out one that is flourishing and check their lighting system. If you can correctly id the leather or other softies, you can also search for more info/reuqirement.
If softies, including leather are doing so well at lfs under much more powerful lighting, it may not do well under your lighting for while (sloughing period).
If pretty much equal lighting, and softies doing well, youcan try those softies.
Always look for one that is well open/expanded with many polyps,

Whatever you do, do not remove corals from water. Try removing corals from bag under water after acclimation.
We old timers used to do under specific florescent bulb with great success, even elegant corals.
It seems for whatever reason, elegant now days pose difficulties. Maybe the different locations where they collects, different depth, etc.

P/U, if possible, a book "Aquarium Corals : selection, husbandry and natural history by Eric Borneman. should be able to find used one for very cheap.

Even if you have extrafluorescent light strips, changed the bulbs to daylight and actinic or 50/50. Use this light as sunrise lighting and sunset lighting. You can use timers to somewhat simulate the natural sun where most intense lighting is given b/n 11-4 for example.

I dont know if local clubs are avail by you. If possible, check with them where you can usually p/u frags for fraction of cost and besides, home grown, not from wild.

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