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ir0n_ma1den 02-08-2007 05:07 PM

Help please, gunna start a new 55g planted tank!!!
hurray, my first post!

alright, i have had a 10g aquarium for about a year or so. Currently i have 4 neon tetras and 1 stunted krib. I have gone thru about 10 neon tetras!!! those fish are a pain :x . anyway, We are getting our basement done so my parents are letting me get a 55g aquarium to put in the basement. I have spent alot of time going thru multiple forums and other websites to get ideas on equipment n stuff. I plan on having this be a planted tank because i think those are the best tanks done ( got my inspiration from various professionals and pictures from

So, i would like to know what equipment should i use, what fish i should keep ( i want hardy fish at first), how to maintain it, substrate, and good spieces of plants.

I want an easy to maintain aquarium, so from what i read i probably want alot of plants to do most of the filtration for me?

I want to get a Rena xp3 because those seem to be a great filter. I know i need flouresent lighting but i dont know what brand works the best. Since i want an aquarium that is easy to maintain, i want some fish that can do the cleaning for me. I have already got an idea to make a CO2 injector so my plants can grow. (question: do i need a speacial fertalizer substrate for my plants, or can i just rely on my lighting and CO2 injector?)

To sum it up, i basically would like to know what would be the ideal equipment, fish, plants. substrate, and decor for a 55g aquarium.

Hope im not asking to much :D


Lupin 02-08-2007 05:13 PM


This is a duplicate thread. Pls refer to the other one.:)

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