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molliefan09 11-05-2009 03:24 PM

justgot kh/gh test kit, what does it mean....
ok so i dont know if i should have tested my tap or my aquarium so for starters i just checked my pH is 7.6 from the aquarium and the tap, has been since day 1. my kH from the aquarium is 179ppm and the gH is 375.9ppm. I am using the API liquid kh/gh kit.

Angel079 11-05-2009 04:04 PM

Yes you'd want to test your aquarium water, as these results may differ from your actual tap water (I can explain in detail if you like).
Maybe this is based of another prior post, so forgive me for asking if its already answered elsewhere, but...

Are you testing to see what fish you can have? Or do you already have fish and want to see if they get along with this water?

The proportions of calcium & magnesium salts are your carbonate in the water (=KH) Most fish and plants thrive well in a KH roughly between 5-15dKH, your's in degrees is 10 (179ppm/17.8).
So 10KH in combo with a pH of 7.6 is not bad for starters and there's many fish that would thrive in this water, your molly's for instance.

molliefan09 11-05-2009 04:47 PM

i am testing to make sure my water is ok for my fish as well as what plants are best for my tank. thank you for your knowledge on this subject. The gh is my water hardness right? and at 375.9ppm is is very hard from what i have researched since doing the tests.

10 is the amount of drops i put in so basically eachdrop =1 degree?!

Byron 11-05-2009 05:29 PM

Angel has you on the right track. And you have the test kit understanding. Make sure the colours (green/orange) are pale, no need to add drops to make them dark, as soon as they change from pale orange to pale green (for GH), that's it.

You should test your tap water too, just to see if the aquarium is the same of higher. And this will help us with the plants (and fish of course).


molliefan09 11-05-2009 06:31 PM

ok i will check the tap water as well

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