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saeeeed 11-03-2009 01:05 AM

Is it a Female Jewel Fish or Male one?
Hi there

these are the photos of my Jewel Fish - I just want to know is it male or Female? Thanks

1077 11-03-2009 01:30 AM

This is another fish in my view, that is hard to sex with any real accuracy. It is said that the dorsal and anal fins of the male will be a bit longer than the females but most of the fish offered in pet stores or fish stores are young fish and fins may not have developed fully.
As with most cichlids ,it is sometimes best to get a group of them assuming that there is sufficent room in the aquarium, and let them form pairs on their own.
I have kept this fish and found it to be difficult to place a male or female with a single specimen in hopes of achieving a mated pair. I can say that females ,are not all that receptive to males smaller than them ,and that females that show no interest in the advances of the male for whatever reasons,, are often harrassed mercilessly until the victim is removed or killed outright.
This is also another fish that while it may get along as single specimen with other cichlids of equal aggressiveness,, it is not a fish for an otherwise peaceful tank ,and a pair,(breeding) will often kill everything else in the tank.
I am actually waiting on a blood red jewel cichlid for a 75 gal tank that also houses a polleni cichlid and a couple of Synodontis Multipunctatus.The fish I have are much larger than the jewel cichlid but I will watch the fish closely for any sign of trouble.
The pair of jewel cichlids I kept for approx a year produced successful spawns twice. The male ultimately killed the female when she lost interest in spawning further.

saeeeed 11-03-2009 02:04 AM

Thanks for your answer

as you said this is a hard one too keep?
so there is no way to find the gender from the photo? I want to buy another one to make a couple but I don.t know whether this is a male or female?

1077 11-03-2009 02:32 AM

I do not believe it to be a hard fish to keep as long as the fish have proper enviornment they will thrive. I could guess that the photo is a female and I could be 100 percent wrong.Is why I said they are a hard fish to identify the sex with any degree of accuracy. If you have the space ,and or spare tanks, then as mentioned.. purchasing a group would be easiest way to get a possible pair. In this way,, the fish will select the mate of their choice and others will need to be removed once a pair has formed. These ARE a hard fish to try and plqace a male and or female that you or I select together in hopes that they pair. Fish sometimes are like humans when it comes to selecting mates. They prefer to select their own and may or may not accept the fish that you or I select for them.
I bought a group of five individuals when I kept this fish and felt fortunate that a pair did indeed form. The others were removed for their own protection and traded at fish store for credit.

buzz4520 11-03-2009 06:07 AM

The tail is the key. Females have a red edge and a bit of color on the top of the tail which fades out about half way down to a yellowish gray. Males have a latticework of red and sky blue markings throughout the tail, top to bottom, and in all the way to the body. The difference occurs while the fish are still very young. This is the best way I've found to tell them apart. These are just about as bad to sex as Oscars. I have 1 jewel and I've done alot of research my self and this was the best thing that I came accross to tell them apart besides seeing them spawn first hand. If your trying to get a breeding pair, it's best to get a group like 1077 said and let them pair up on their own and remove the rest. Hopes this helps.

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