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mrdemin 10-31-2009 05:20 PM

Angelfish help ASAP!
Hey, so I have already went through a couple of angels a while ago, likely due to my tank not being cycled at that point. I have also lost two after the cycle was complete, I blame myself for probably not acclimating them properly.
Anyway, I got two new angels a week ago and both were absolutely wonderful until yesterday. I also got another two about 4 days ago and they are smaller than the first and also doing well. All were still eating yesterday. Last night one was hanging around top (like the first few I had), today he refused to eat and is now wobbly and usually on the bottom of the tank. He cannot stay straight up either. This is exactly what happened to my first angels, and its prob an hour or two before this one passes.
I just don't understand what is going on.
I read it could possible by a swim bladder thing from the flakes expanding after they munched on a lot, but I dont feed them much at all, and all the other fish are fine.
Anyhow, it doesnt look like I will be able to do anything for this one at this point, but I'd like to be prepared if any others decide to go the same way. This all happens so sudden that I dont even have time to ask for advice.
Ammonia is 0, nitrites 0, ph 7.2, temp ~82, nitrates 10-15.
If anyone reads this soon enough maybe you can even shoot me an email so that I get it right away, mrdemin at gmail com
I didnt feel as bad for the first I had, but these were here for a week and I was so happy that they were doing good, I'd rly like to save it if I can. There are no visible changes on him at all, only the fact that he stayed on top and is now barely able to swim around, but rather gets taken around by the water current. If its anything like the first he will start jolting around, laying down, jolting, until finally....

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