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southamericancichlidguy23 10-31-2009 07:46 AM

you ever wake up one morning and ur fish are completly lazy looks like they were up all nite and got hang over whats up with that i turn the light on go to feed them and they swim up look at the foood and just swim back away to the cave 8)i usually feed them at 12 today i decided to at 8 lol

southamericancichlidguy23 10-31-2009 07:49 AM

i put piece lettace in last nite for pleco hmm would if that had anything to do with i t

Twistersmom 10-31-2009 10:49 AM

If you washed the lettuce off first, then that is not the problem.
How does the water test for ammonia and nitrites?
Had the light been on for a while, before feeding? It takes the fish some time to wake up.

southamericancichlidguy23 10-31-2009 11:03 AM

the light was off all nite long turned it on they seemed lazy there speeding up now i put about 3 gallons water if cuz it was low and i put some aqua safe in a min ago but i think the jd is gonna crash he swimming kinda funny like hes normal looking kinda heavy breathing and twitching once in awhile

southamericancichlidguy23 10-31-2009 11:07 AM

i was warned about getting a 1 inch jd that they were pain to keep alive guess im gonna learn the hard way

southamericancichlidguy23 10-31-2009 11:09 AM

idk i dont have tester never used them before i usually just winged it all my life i cant be sure i put some aqua safe in and alittle aquarium salt think jd mite have parasite

southamericancichlidguy23 10-31-2009 11:11 AM

haha im seeing improvment already hes not twitching at all yes he mite live thank god if i kill 22 doller fish im gonna go crazy

southamericancichlidguy23 10-31-2009 11:21 AM

nice catfish ad for some reason the pleco wont eat it been the tank since 10 last nite

Twistersmom 10-31-2009 11:53 AM

I would take some water to the store to be tested, or better yet, buy an API freshwater testing kit. Your tank is heavily stocked, with fish that are known to produce lots of waste.
I would not use Aqua Safe as a substitute to water changes. I would test water daily and preform water changes to keep ammonia, nitrates, and nitrates at safe levels. In a cycled tank, without overstocking problems, ammonia and nitrites should always test zero.
It's hard to say for sure what problem you are seeing, but having the water tested will be a good start in finding a solution.

southamericancichlidguy23 10-31-2009 02:04 PM

u knw wuts really weriod the fish store told me to put some aqurium salt in i didnt do that this month and hour later they were back to normal idk why

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